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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:49

Israel Protest in Bilecik

Israel Protest in Bilecik
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Aqsa held a press release incurring raid by Israeli soldiers .

Bilecik news: Photo Teyfikbey Street Felicity Party, on behalf of which the description of the press on behalf of the group gathered on the Provincial Youth Wing Provincial President Mohammad Ali Fat, \"Masjid-i from Muslims for the accent , the foundation also aim to destroy our first kıblegahı by separating the soil. In line with the objectives indicated by the notorious Zionist leader now the Al-Aqsa Mosque was closed to fully worship . this application will become permanent in the face of inertia of the Muslims. Muslims are sleeping occupying Zionists Masjid-i were found in the Aqsa attempt to burn . a handful of believers is needed more than the resistance of the Muslims. Muslims are trembling soaking time given by conscious responses Zionist militants , our first kıblegahı nowadays are taking a rambling state javelin . \"Stating that in the Photo Jerusalem's 90 years since cry blood is life and throughout Palestine's flagship operating Erbakan's case sooner will save me an absolute day fat, \"First our kıblegahı defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque is an obligation for all Muslims . Even in Israel and Palestine can come together in the same sentence . Israeli occupier and infanticide needs to be cleaned from this land. This will have a need for a power to a sound that can be revealed , \"he said .
Ali's press release fat was cut with often taken takbirs and slogans. Press disbanded without incident group after prayer read at the end of the description . Press releases are Felicity Party Provincial President Meral Ibrahim and was attended by many party .

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