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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:57

Israel's Gaza Attacks

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Eskisehir Chamber of Certified Public Accountants President S.

Eskişehir Certified Public Accountants Chamber President S. Ilker Özokc Gaza to the human tragedy should be ended , he said.
Özokc , with his statement, Israel's actions in Gaza against the Palestinian people attack the continuity of the state , she said .
A excuse fitting it at every opportunity brutally attacks continued emphasizing the Özokc , \"the children, women without distinguishing civilians attacked for their lives is ended . What is strange in world public opinion have a voice claiming to be the country managers at all sounds are coming out. U.S. President Barack Obama's job further taking these brutal attacks, Israel's legitimate rights advocates to say, to accept it either is not possible , \"he said
the public subject closely followed the transfer Özokc ,\"the Middle East , especially in recent years, a seething whirlpools turned into . Middle East to those heroic speeches by throwing , boycotts are not able to find a solution by . should produce a more radical solution , enabling them to be sensitive of all world countries , the print element must be created. Today the audience who stay in that area , forward of peace and democracy in the whole world is questioning . Damaging to peace efforts in the Middle East for a moment before these attacks needs to be finalized . Or witnessed bloodshed return in this environment what the Palestinian issue is solved , nor in the Middle East peace occurs \"shape has announced .
Ilker Özokc innocent people more killing , to avoid common sense of the people and the country managers of unity and solidarity movement within underlining the need to \"stop this slaughter is necessary to say more and more people being killed in Gaza, the attack is terminated , the drama is in the region should be called \"gave expression to the place .

Israel's Gaza Attacks" comments for.


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