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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:07

Israeli flags were burned in Beyşehir

Israeli flags were burned in Beyşehir
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In the town of Konya Beysehir , the Israeli flag was burned to protest the attack on Gaza .

Konya news: In the town of Konya Beysehir , the Israeli flag was burned to protest the attack on Gaza . Officer-Sen Chairman
with the IHH Beysehir Beysehir District Representative to the Palestinian people by Israel to condemn the massacre was made in the press release . After the noon prayer in the Mosque of the center and made ​​Beysehir District Officer-Sen Chairman Halil Yavşil , in front of a mosque condemning the Israeli massacre in Gaza, read the press release . In a statement on Gaza attacks strongly , while continuing Muslims in this situation quiet and indifferent not possible to remain as specified.
Yavşil , \"Gazan Muslims struggle and the Palestinian resistance, the entire Islamic world must lead by example . This resistance against the Zionist one day do a great rout by living in Palestine and the entire Middle East from the ground get the hell will . Zionist murderers face of the massacres who stayed quiet , this killing but became a partner become . Muslims countries'leaders now that sleep should wake up . a one animal , killing three of the five trees from being cut in the face of heaven and earth stand up who , days live broadcast of international organizations and the media now carnage against I wonder where these hypocritical baby killers , \"he said .
Press release after the people of Gaza for the prayer , while a group mosque in front of the Israeli flags on fire . Slogans against Israel , the group then brought Takbir . County Mufti Hussein Erdogan had built a prayer for the martyrs of Gaza after the funeral prayers in absentia were gathered crowd .
The crowd , after prayers were dispersed without incident .

Israeli flags were burned in Beyşehir" comments for.


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