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  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 18:24

Italy Students Protest New Education Act

Italy Students Protest New Education Act
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In Italy, Matteo Renzi government's new education law student and protest budget cuts imposed by law .

Milano news:
of the Italian government protesting the reforms in education and business students from Milan's Cairoli Square and began to walk . Soon turned into a protest march of about three thousand students and a private university located on routes in front of the Catholic University of fertilizer poured. Italian director Paolo Sorrentino won the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film \"Great Beauty \"in reference to the film \"We are the magnificent beauty \"slogans of the students discussed from time to time with the security forces . Then Lombardy Regional Education Authority for a while the students occupying the corporate officer agreed.
Protest pioneering \"Rete delle conosciez a \"student union member Andrea Torti , \"Today, middle school , high school and university students, Education Minister Stefania Gianni'prepared by the reform law for the abolition of squares down. We educational reform by the students needs to be done , we think. private schools, corporations schools oppose and reform laws on the government to enter into dialogue going . Renzi government just words produces , the former government different from the solution does not recommend and education budget cuts are made \"he said . Law students Francesco Landini , the \"Today in Italy , students Renzi-Giannini reforms to say no squares down. These reforms educational institutions a company you want to convert . Minister of Education in public schools that there is no telling and private schools to be financed should say . Shame a harrowing situation. we funded public schools and advocate granting free education to everyone , \"he said .

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