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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:23

Items in Kayseri , along with 70-year-old man was left on the street

Items in Kayseri , along with 70-year-old man was left on the street
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In Kayseri 70-year-old Moses Marash, house deed thrown into the street by his daughter claimed .

Kayseri news: In Kayseri 70-year-old Moses Marash, house deed to his daughter by the street thrown claimed .
İzmit district Seljuk live in the neighborhood of 70-year-old Moses Marash, claims that had built three-storey building deed given by his daughter removed from the house you want to have . Father-daughter 4 years as a result of court cases decided in favor of the daughter of Moses Marasliyan . Case appeal takes Moses Marash case while her daughter on a complaint executive with home appliances with wet weather thrown out, argued that .
Street remaining Moses Marash, \"I construction işçisiy am . My hand with a hammer trowel there . 7 children had . This 7 my child also I married . Angels Marasliyan nursing school , I have worked , the nurse was . marrying , then I separated from her husband was . 2 with the child came to me . neighborhood all peoples in the know . these 15 years my earnings spare've . municipality where the land shipments. 125 pounds gave the land bought . the house is the basement and the first circle did. they are with me . My sons ,'Dad, this house sisters give to . 2 many orphans there ,'they said . Tuttum house deed they gave . houses the 2nd floor and attic've done .'at my daughter ,'I'm the 1st floor of the rent procession , you can be on the 2nd floor seat ,'I said . that all the land until they gave was . Burr's 2nd and penthouse while 17 thousand pounds of their spent. , 18 thousand 500 TL I've spent . Deed after giving this girl front of our door throwing stood . Then I pulled them out of the house and the land opened for annulment . 4 years since we deal in court , \"he said .
Opened the action for annulment of deed rejoined his wife stating that her daughter Marash, \"I'm only three years since . Disturbingly case decided in their favor . I took the case to appeal . Appeal from a decision not to perform in the rain threw my stuff on the street .'Please allow me 3-5 days said,'but I have posted here my stuff without permission . My daughter is considering selling the house . Then I will go from here . With my stuff in the rain I had no place to go I do not , \"he said. \"My hand hammer and trowel starvation , anhydrous remaining they've raised and the officers did , \"said Marash, \"It's me, how is it done ? Do not have the fear of God in man ? You listen to all the world . Are not attributed to any citizen son . Rain shelter where I am now ? \"He said .

Items in Kayseri , along with 70-year-old man was left on the street" comments for.


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