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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:47

Izaydas Waste Interim Storage Facility

Izaydas Waste Interim Storage Facility
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IZAYDAS to serve in the construction of waste interim storage facility was completed.

Kocaeli news: IZAYDAS to serve in the construction of waste interim storage facility was completed.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality IZAYDAS subsidiary of the plant continue to grow for many years while serving in the modern investment is signing . IZAYDAS sector, a wider range of services to give at Christmas, laid the foundations of the waste interim storage facility construction was completed.
IZAYDAS Waste Interim storage facilities , waste recycling or final disposal facilities delivered before the amount of waste sufficient capacity until the safe storage facilities . Plants'Waste Interim Storage Facility was built according to the declaration . Waste interim storage facility, primarily of the combustion plant downtime and maintenance in the process of customers to meet the demands and customers more waste for a variety of services with the purpose to be used .
Waste interim storage facility indoor and outdoor areas , including in two sections, a total of 2 thousand consists of 252 square meters . One a scale office buildings and the open space, waste input, preparation and special waste will be considered as part of the separation was made . In a closed area that separates the storage section reinforced concrete walls , sprinkler fire extinguishing system , the electrical system exproof property also includes natural and forced ventilation system . Facility construction is completed license application process has been started.

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