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  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 15:23

Izmir 5 International Aegean Art Days, will be filled with art

Izmir 5 International Aegean Art Days, will be filled with art
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Ege University (EU) by the 5th International media executives came together on the Aegean Art Days Rector.


. Listing the Yilmaz, support, willingly exchanged ideas. RES 503 to 156 of the foreign artists will participate in the Aegean that Yilmaz, two thousand art lovers meet in the work of more than 500, he said.

6-15 by the EU in December 2013"shore"theme düzenlencek 5 Speaking at a meeting held to promote the International Days of Art Rector Aegean Yilmaz, EXPO 2020 ' of Izmir, which is the most powerful of the candidates want to reveal the direction of art, art education, and much care about said that they saw as a part harmony. Every year for 58 years as a university with a history of more than 300 cultural, artistic and sporting activities organized by the information that Yilmaz, Aegean Art Days of Art is an indicator of the value stated in the arts. Art side to be heard in Izmir EXPO 2020 ' at the original artists are invited to vote in that country, emphasizing the"original creative power of art, upgrade and provide. Freedom of art and authenticity of this well-known artists 156 countries are invited to bring together under the theme was about 40. Turkish artist has 22 cities, 38 universities will be in this event. Consequently, this activity, 6-15, 22 different locations on each side of the Aegean Sea itself the people of Ontario in December 2013, the country to promote the work. many different headings total of 503 artists will go to two thousand feet to more than 500 art works."he spoke. Aegean Art's is a very important place in this year's activities for the region EXPO 2020 ' has been selected as a priority indicating the Professor's. Dr. Yilmaz,"Therefore, without limiting the freedom of artistic expression, originality take place in accordance with the EXPO theme 'waterfront' chosen theme. İzmirimiz'i aim to promote the artistic dimension. Izmirliler more than 500 artists at this festival of art and would like to share with all of Turkey."said.

Izmir 5 International Aegean Art Days, will be filled with art" comments for.


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