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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 22:17

Izmir Aliaga Peasant Market metro Up Close

Izmir Aliaga Peasant Market metro Up Close
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Aliaga Municipality with the support of the established farmer's market not only citizens living in Aliaga in Izmir also show great interest .

İzmir news: Aliaga-Izmir line with ongoing access to Metro services on cheap and easy when it comes to Aliaga in Izmir citizens to shop from the villagers Market. The Aliaga Municipality by local producers and farmers to free the allocated Aliaga villagers offering to sell their products at the local farmers market citizens living in all of Izmir and the surrounding counties are invited to this market.
< Strong> farmer's market ? < br/> Aliaga villages of products grown under natural conditions of farmers engaged in agriculture are offered to consumers in Aliaga villagers Sunday . Aliaga Municipality, supported by farmers every Saturday Closed Established in Aliaga Municipality Marketplace sells some of its products in the market. Aliaga Municipality does not receive fees from the peasants and citizens stand in the marketplace in order to encourage local production . Due to support local agriculture Aliaga Mayor Serkan Acar thanking farmers ; \"This we find selling opportunities worth our products through Sunday , saying,\"voicing their satisfaction for the support given to them .
THE HEALTHY HERBS IN THIS MARKET in the market , which displays a Photo undoped and naturally grown products ; Aliaga region-specific tarhana, village bread, egg, yogurt, cheese, nuts , royal jelly, honey , pollen, olives , olive oil, as well as seasonal vegetables and fruit nettle, dandelion, lamb's ear , adorn tables also herbs such as blessed thistle . Photo DOMESTIC MANUFACTURERS IZMIR PUBLIC to the farmer's market INVITES describing the Photo Aliaga organic products they grow in the region every Saturday Aliaga Peasant Market offered for sale Feast Karci , \"Here we are selling organic honey produced by ourselves. at the same when the pollen, propolis offer our products also sold as organic . to be free in order to sell their honey has allocated where our peasant producers by the Aliaga Municipality was pleased with us. \"Dealing with agriculture in Aliaga Çıtak neighborhood women producers Ayse Farmer in \"my village pomegranate , the tangerine , citrus , the diamond , the village bread , butter, our other products eggs and I organically grown'm selling in this market ,\"he not only Aliağalı of the organic market all Izmir people invited . Stating that provides a living by farming in Kalabaka village Suleyman Basaran is \"All of our products are organic . Here we offer for sale the products we manufacture. Our products are natural and pure ,\"he said .
DELICIOUS AND Budget Photo Cumaovasi-Aliaga time cheap for making the subway and from Izmir, the ease that it provides access to every Saturday Aliaga, Izmir citizens , too, that he enjoyed doing shopping at Aliaga's farmer's market selling organic produce said compared to other organic market in this market even more delicious and affordable products expresses what they find .


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