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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:11

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Pride Day

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Pride Day
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Celebrating its 129 th anniversary this year, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, a member of the taxation Izmir was awarded the 1475 ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel.

İzmir news: Izmir City Contribution Award businessman Nail Özkardeşler to be the ceremony in Room Chairman Ekrem Demirtas, complained about the weight of taxes on employment, \"we're happy with that directs us in the last 13 years. We grew uninterrupted . National income 12 thousand appeared on the dollar. But everything's meant to be perfect it does not. the tax rate 86 percent in employment there is no logic in that. that's a record . will be employed with such a burden of unemployment , informal course will be to escape . those who pay the taxes should be fair application now , \"he said . Participating in the ceremony Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , said the city's 25-30 year-old horse out of the dead land, \"Izmir will not pull the leg you want if you want who today. Because they did not set out to driveway ,\"he said .
Ceremony in Izmir City Contribution Award Businessman Nail when prescribing to Özkardeşler , most ICC members who pay income tax Ihsan Cinar, Ahmet Cengiz and Ali Özkan corporation tax paid by most members of the ICC Gediz Electricity, Sun Chemical Batıçim and received awards. 75 members of the gold at the ceremony , 75 members of the silver, 74 bronze medals given to the members , 424 members of a special award , the 649 members were awarded with commendation .

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