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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 21:11

Izmir Fisheries Roadmap was drawn OSB

Izmir Fisheries Roadmap was drawn OSB
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Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone of Fisheries , not only with a structure covering all sectors of the fish producers announced that they would implement .

İzmir news: Photo Turkey will be one of the first'Fisheries Organized Industrial Zone,'explaining that they started working to establish Demirtas, they performed the first enterprising committee meeting and the project was quickly stated that they draw the roadmap for further studies to be implemented. Photo region's full the name , \"Izmir Province Fisheries Agro Specialized Organized Industrial Zone\"would be stating Demirtas, \"manufacturers , including , among suppliers , storage and staff accommodation area , we aim at OSB a broad base which includes . world competition world . But now the industry the dispersion of the structure , will adversely affect the efficiency and competitiveness. with OSB , ensuring the efficiency and profit increase production, reduce costs , and will increase bureaucracy reduction of the sector's competitiveness . They will represent a first in Turkey. But much to the industry out of it too will be the beginning of innovation. we aim to be value-added to produce high quality products , \"he said.
< strong> PROJECT MUNICIPAL aND ministry bE DISCUSSED tO tELL set their meeting in
October 7 persons enterprising committee of a larger structure Demirtas said by ensuring that increased to 15 people , \"Our goal is to bring together all the activities related to the sector in the same building . Therefore , we will also expand the enterprising committee . İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu to describe our project of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Deputy Minister will visit you Kudbet desired . We want to support Mr. Kocaoğlu'nun taking suggestions on places to choose from. Entered into force by being published in 2009. Specialized Organized Industrial Zone-Based Agricultural Practice Regulations under the phrase does not have any water-related products. Therefore, the food , the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock during our desire Kudbettin visit , with the benefits of our industry and the economy we want to support the project by providing a file containing suggestions for legislative changes . All contacts we aim to achieve in November , \"he said .
SECTOR ALL NEEDS AS DETERMINED Photo Industry needs, investment potential, assessments on OSB , a related OSB location and size of land indicating work to do Demirtas, \"We will make an announcement to all companies operating in the sector . Also, Izmir Aquaculture Growers and Producers in the Union Chairman Hasan Girenes coordinator , will determine the needs of the industry by a thorough investigation , \"he said . Explaining Photo Production made ​​that the current locations of potential water production area is determined and plotted the coordinates of Izmir Aquaculture Growers and Producers Association Chairman Hasan Girenes , \"Checking the area of their production company , and they pay their rent. We have no problem with that . However, the real shortage begins on land . There are shortages in areas such as warehouses and staff will remain in place . However, there are many stakeholders in the sector . Styrofoam, network , pharmaceuticals, such as processing plants. With a structure that also includes the suppliers we want to cover all sectors of the region . All of them also facilitates the traceability of the industry to get together. Firms would be a great convenience for all your needs OSB goes through , \"he said .

Izmir Fisheries Roadmap was drawn OSB" comments for.


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