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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:58

Izmir Mediterranean Opening

Izmir Mediterranean Opening
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Izmir \"the shining star of the Mediterranean \"with the goal of making employees Metropolitan Municipality , within this month, one of the Mediterranean Cities Association ( MEDCITIES ) , including the General Assembly , will host three major international organizations.

İzmir news: Photo Mediterranean attaches great importance to cooperation with the city and Izmir to make one of the Mediterranean's leading city continues to work with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will blow a Mediterranean air in the city. This week he tabled the transportation problem between Mediterranean city \"Mediterranean Urban Mobility in the City \"Mediterranean Cities Association with seminars ( MEDCITIES ) will be hosted by the General Assembly Metropolitan Municipality , the end of the month \"International Mediterranean Symposium\"will be held . < Br/> French Development funded CODATA under the leadership of the Agency ( Urban Transport Development and Improvement of cooperation ) of the Mediterranean in Marseille Integration Center (CMU) and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be held in cooperation with the \"Mediterranean city in the Urban Mobility \"seminar , Historic Gas Plant November 12, Wednesday'in the opening speech of the President will begin with St. Kocaoğlu'nun . Conference in Damascus, the Syrian capital, starting with the opening respectively in 2010 and then Marseille , Barcelona, ​​closing of the seminar will be held in Izmir in Tunisia and Morocco . \"The seminar will be in Izmir Model Transportation presented , urban transportation problems , local solutions and sustainable will discuss urban mobility strategies.
November 13 to 14 dates between MEDCITIES ( Mediterranean Cities Association ) 2014 General Meeting of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's at home will be held in Izmir, Turkey. Spain, France, Albania, Croatia, Tunisia , Lebanon, Morocco , including seven members would include 49 foreign participants from countries to the General Assembly 14 will join Lebanon governor of mayors from the Mediterranean city. Hilton Hotel'n will take place in the General Assembly's work issues among urban mobility ( mobility ), urban sustainable development strategies, water , waste management and include improving air quality in urban areas. session will take place within the scope of the organization and workshops Izmir Metropolitan Municipality representatives prepared by the Municipality of Izmir Metropolitan 2015-2019 Strategic Plan along with \"Waste Water Management \"will make a presentation on . Photo MEDCITIES ( Mediterranean cities Association ) , to create a network between cities with the coastal Mediterranean, drawing attention to urban environmental problems in the Mediterranean to find solutions to these problems and sustainable development in 1990 in order to conduct studies the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, European Commission, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) established by the Mediterranean Technical Help Program (METAP ) initiative in November 1991 in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain . Photo Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , while on 27-28 November \"International Mediterranean History, Culture and Politics Symposium\"will be held . Cultural managers in the Mediterranean , diplomats , historians and economists discussed the future of the symposium will gather in Izmir Mediterranean partner \"Being Mediterranean \"accent to do. During the meeting, Izmir's new role in the Mediterranean and the route will be drawn.


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