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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:34

Izmir'Respect the Union Flag Call'Platform

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In Izmir, Isidor's Kobani'nin its attacks as a pretext to the streets coming and demonstrations, acts of violence that converts against groups , OFFICER-SEN Confederation İzmir Provincial Delegation under the leadership coming together 17 civil society organizations \"Flag Respect Unity Call \"platform organized .

İzmir news:
in Izmir , Isidor's Kobani'nin attack on the pretext throughout the country poured into the streets of the groups to acts of violence against , 17 civil society organizations came together \"Flag Respect Unity Call \"platform calls for unity made ​​.
'< strong> navigate to the Turkish economy COST we lived together
OFFICER yOU Confederation Izmir Province delegated Abdurrahim Şenocak on the streets of the events by bandits vandalism conversion and murder of processing in any way to accept said. On the streets of stroke democratic right saying that Şenocak, he continued:\"But the streets provocations are welcome. We this meeting , 17 non-governmental organizations unity and moderation We call the'one nation, one flag and one nation'call. Turkey's economic aimed at stabilizing the attempt to frustrate're here. navigate Turkey's economy , the stability brought to the difficulties we lived together . Kurds and Turks, a thousand years of coexistence that has managed to peoples , this association should continue . \"
' DEVELOPMENTS with concern're now watching
Isidor followed with concern by stating that attacks on Kobani'nin MÜSIAD Izmir Province Representative Kadir Fly, the international community started to mobilize protests , condemned the acts of violence turn , he said. In Turkey, violent media attempted to establish stating that flies, he said:\"Violence environment brought about curfew and losses suffered with anxiety would follow. Each time the biggest supporter we have the solution process will undermine any kind of discourse and action should be avoided since in an environment , Kobani'de experienced Isidor terrorism , citing our cities deaths have enough violent reactions, democratic rights and reconcile unable want to express . \"
17 non-governmental organizations attended the common messages given platform , the violence stopped as soon as the Turkish flag and provocations against people said should be avoided .

Izmir'Respect the Union Flag Call'Platform" comments for.


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