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  • 02 Kasım 2013, Cumartesi 17:21

Izmir State Theater 'The Last Scream' game of Afyonkarahisar

Izmir State Theater 'The Last Scream' game of Afyonkarahisar
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Izmir State Theatre, prepared by the 'Last Scream' play, Afyonkarahisar calligrapher Ahmed Art and Culture Center Stage theater lovers will meet Karahisari.

Afyonkarahisar news:
13 Oksitanya'da occurrence of the specified region in the south of France in the early game on the subject of the statement made by the following statements:
'' barons of northern France, the papacy was a call to crusade against Oksitanya'ya. Their goal is to destroy the members of Qatar and the Occitan lands they consider heretical to usurp. Counts and knights Katarlara interests of Occitan. However, it seems like a roller Occitan territory of the Crusaders. After flashing ruined cities, slaughter, people burned wood bulks, pressure and fear remains.''
Izmir State Theatre of War starring Hülya the game's director, deputy director and Fatih Özyiğit undertaking Gürler Hande, decor, design, and Ayse Emel Mesci War Çevirel'in assumed were recorded. The game is on Wednesday, November 6 at 20:00 reported to be meeting in the theater lovers.

Izmir State Theater 'The Last Scream' game of Afyonkarahisar" comments for.


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