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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 13:44

Izmir Tradesmen Ahi Prepares for Week

Izmir Tradesmen Ahi Prepares for Week
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Izmirli artisan artisans , celebrated every year on their Ahi Week , held this year are preparing to decorate their colorful events .

İzmir news: Izmirli artisan artisans , celebrated every year on their Ahi Week , held this year are preparing to decorate their colorful events . Izmir President of Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans Zechariah Happy Ahi Week events this year held between September 22 to 27 , he said.
13.08.2008 date , 26,966 in the Official Gazette published'Ahi Week Celebrations Regulation'in line with the celebration committee member organizations identified reminiscent Happy'Governorship of Izmir , Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Trade Directorate, İzmir Tradesmen and Artisans Association, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director , Provincial Directorate of National Education , Culture and Tourism Department, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives Regional Association , İZKA and University consisting of representatives committee, the work done by the week with activity were determined.'he said.
Ahi wHAT?
End of Philosophy , indicating that an old artisan traditions Happy, \"Ahi , arts , commerce and professions mature personality , morality and righteousness mingled envisaging , a tradition dating back to the roots is very old . activities to be held during the week with the well , Ahi Ahi rules of the philosophy and aims to introduce to the community . Ahi Philosophy, work life and social life of integrity , good ethics, science and education includes the teaching of principles . Ahi philosophy of the 13th century onwards in Anatolia communities , social, artistic and professional areas has given direction . \"He said.
Morality , correctness based Ahi rules , today many institutions creating the foundation that advocates Zechariah Happy,\"Ahi philosophy current social security institutions , cooperatives , consumer courts and many other social institutions share the same goals . Ahi quality produce , weigh accurately , is respect for the consumer . Ahi , solidarity, after having first sale is to direct customers to his neighbor . Ahi , solidarity, to support those in need by means of the middle boxes means . In summary Ahi , we are in the era of the conditions we forgot , but tight hug our values ​​needed reminding us of an artisan tradition is . \"He said .
Turkey on the End of the state contribute to shaping that they also reminding Happy,\"a leather master, pir Our End Evnan established Ahi organization, Anatolian Seljuks from the Ottoman Empire in the transition to an extremely important role played , ethical and professional aspects of the economic structure of society prepared the state of the structure of the basic characteristics have been determined . today's non-governmental organizations , professional associations form the basis Ahi organizations, Seljuk and Ottoman state organized them to set an example has , through many countries, manager raised . example, Orhan Bey and his son, 1 Murat Ahi Furnace have been brought up . Ahi organizations in their communities'social and cultural development made ​​important contributions have , \"he said.
Izmir Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union of Chambers of Turkish people, the self-identity and culture tell , reminder as a task has agreed , adding that Happy, activities of all the people of İzmir invited .
Ahi WEEK Celebration Program < br/> DAY 1 ( mONDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2014 )
wreath-laying and opening remarks 09:30 End of the province
special clothes to dress
Location:Republic Square
11:00 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir and to the governor office visits.
12:00 the dam Siege Ceremony, to be lost key occupations Stand visits
Location:Buca Love Road
15:00 Balçova Mayor visits
15:30 Balçova Governor visits
09:15 09:45
Fountain Fountain Mayor visits Governor visits
10:00 Handicraft artisans
with breakfast Location:Fountain Fountain Industrial Estate Market shopkeepers visit
11:00 ,
Location:Revolution Street
( Ahi advice card , leaflets , etc. Akhism . distribution. )
12:00Şed Siege
Ceremony Location:Republic of Fountain Square Fountain Vocational Training Center Visit
12:45-Socket dump
Mayor visits Standing
09:00 09:30 10:00 Handicraft artisans
Standing breakfast with a visit to Governor
Location:Standing Standing Industrial Estate Market shopkeepers visit
10:45 < br/> Location:Çamlaraltı Street ( opposite Municipality )
( Ahi advice card , leaflets , etc. Akhism . distribution)
the dam Siege Ceremony Location:Standing Ataturk Square
12:00 Standing Vocational Training Center Ziyareti-End Halva Catering

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