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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:25

İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan not Bite Views

İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan not Bite Views
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Kocaeli , Kocaeli geredeli Association of Chaplains Association re-elected Mayor of Izmit DR .

Kocaeli news: Kocaeli , Kocaeli geredeli Association of Chaplains Association re-elected Mayor of Izmit DR . Visit Nevzat Dogan was found in greeting .
Eker, Adam headed Kocaeli , Kocaeli geredeli Association Association of Chaplains visit the president get better found in nature . President of the Association of geredeli Kocaeli Izmit Municipality councilors to visit nature Hayrettin Celebrity Kocaeli City Council President Dr . Hero Ibrahim attended the event. President and board member of the Association of Adam Eker also refreshed old memories during your visit .
Mayor Dr. Izmit . Nevzat Doğan visit his satisfaction expressed, \"Both my life had a special place . Lives of the most beautiful 3 year Gerede spent . Pediatrician as my first assignment in this beautiful our district, I did . Geremi always my first among my will . These in our county beautiful and lasting friendships and friendship I have had . Several years pass despite the opportunities rather , both the friendly and our friends are discussing . them in my life always have a special place , \"he said .
during the visit, the good old days remembering affective Izmit Mayor Dr . Nevzat Dogan, \"Geredeli our brothers honest, hardworking and honest people are . Them a chance to know that , with them in shares found myself for I feel very fortunate . Geremi people of the colorful and cheerful nature is . Now those lovely colors and joy in Izmit yaşatıyorlar . Now we İzmitliyiz , \"he said .
Meanwhile, Kocaeli Chaplains Aid Association President Hosni Sarikaya and board members also Mayor of Izmit DR . Nevzat Doğan visited . Religious officials of nature get better hope it her the \"last 5 years our city beautiful in services Been . Mosques , Koran courses, cem made ​​to the services that everyone appreciates . New term beautiful services believe that, \"they said. Mayor of Izmit DR . Nevzat Dogan, \"We are always working with the principle of equal and fair service . Public service , in the spirit of the service is Hak'k henceforth we will continue to work day and night ,\"he expressed his opinion .

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