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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:27

Jannat influx of visitors to the Cemetery Care

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Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims coming to the Holy Land , after completing their mission in Medina, the Prophet's grave with Munawarrah where his companions are visiting Jannat Care Kabristanı .

Medine news: Morning and afternoon prayer after visiting the drop-down cemetery at the entrance to the queue occurs.
Prophet in Medina Munawarrah migrated to prior Gargat tree covered Holy Mosque next to the field , our Lord came to Medina after cleaning the cemetery was made . In the first of the companions of Hazrat Osman Bin Maze of refugees were buried in Jannat Maintenance Kabristanı ten thousand Sahaba-i's lease of metF . Still , who died in Medina, the burial is continued until the Ottoman period Jannat Maintenance Kabristanı the tombs there were many significant personalities . Today, however, Wahhabi beliefs because of tombstones name is not even in the cemetery 3rd Caliph Hazrat Usman Zinnureyn the metF's's .
Lord's wife of Hazrat Aisha, Hafsa , Sevde Zeynep bint Jahsh , Umm Habiba, Salamah , the environment, Natalie and Safia validated our graves is located at the entrance . Daughter, Umm Kulthum , to Rukiyy , Zeynep and his son Ibrahim's grave in the cemetery are known. Hazrat Abbas , Hazrat Fatima , al-Jaafari Sadiq , Muhammad Baqir , Abidin , Imam Hasan , Imam Malik , Nafi , our Lord still the Safiyya , waste, Ümmül me and Ohud with Harri Martyrs cemetery is located in . Our Lord wet nurse Halima, Sufyan ibn Harith , Saad bin Muaz , Abu Said Al Hudri such important personalities graves of the location is known.
Morning and afternoon prayer after the visit opened Jannat Care Kabristanı to all the pilgrims is on a visit . Saudi officials turn the hands of pilgrims to pray at the cemetery mania is going on .

Jannat influx of visitors to the Cemetery Care" comments for.


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