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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:19

Javelin Mounted Turkey Championship Finals

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Mounted Javelin Championship finale continues in Antalya, Turkey .

Antalya news: Photo Antalya 7 starting in November and Erzurum in the competition , which will end on November 9, Equestrian Club, Manisa Selendi is Beypınar Mounted Javelin Sports Club , Istanbul Equestrian Club and Erzurum Dragon Equestrian Sports Club , finals are vying to become the first . Photo Turkey Traditional Sports Medicine Federation, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Erzurum Solidarity Foundation finale Turkey Mounted Javelin Championship, organized in collaboration with the waterfall Gym started next to 20 acres of land in the field. Photo Erzurum Equestrian Sports Club , Manisa Selendi is Beypınar Mounted Javelin Sports Club , Istanbul and Erzurum Dragon Equestrian Club Equestrian Club, finals are competing to be the first. Hot air despite exhibiting a fierce struggle to get the number of athletes, spectators are following behind the events of the them specially prepared barrier .
Other hand, Turkey Traditional Sports Medicine Federation Vice President Ziya Gökalp Ceylan, Antalya Turkey Mounted Javelin Championship 13 75 said they perform the final match of the club's participation in the province . 75 teams of 4 teams is a finalist transfer Ceylan , Turkey , he said the most elite teams in Antalya race. To be held in Antalya Photo Final in Antalya Erzurum Ceylan that expressed the Association's efforts, \"Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the javelin from traditional sports he cares about the show in the city. it was important in terms of introducing Javelin's abroad , \"he said . Photo Competition of single-circuit Ceylan league duly stated that refers to , \"the first day ended encounter .'s day the second today . will end with the semi final matches. Turkey Mounted javelin Champion Turkey to be determined , \"he said .

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