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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:44

Job Done Delivery Location for High School

Job Done Delivery Location for High School
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Delivery location for the new building of vocational schools located in Sinop University new campus was held a ceremony .

Sinop news: Photo carried out last week after the synthetic athletics parkurl place of delivery ceremony today in professional football field where the ceremony was held for the new building of the high school. Faculty of Arts and Sciences campus next to the ceremony held in the land of Sinop University Rector Prof. Dr. Recep Bircan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ismet Barber , Prof. Dr. Basic Flag , Secretary General Mehmet horseback , department heads and joined company officials . A company representative who will make a Photo Vocational high school construction Muhammer Esen, \"delivered to the place of the high school building is on 10 November 2014, the contract price of 8 million 646 thousand 456 TL'is. If the job's end date is February 10, 2016 , \"he said . the
President Recep Prem said in a statement , \"Last week, 2 thousand 500 people , we realized the capacity of delivered parts of our International Athletics Track field . Today, the vocational high school's ground ceremony we do . the total construction area of 12 thousand 200 square meters of our school in the new building ; 20 of 60 people classrooms, 4 120 persons amps, 10 laboratories , 12 workshops , 34 offices , will be 1 meeting room. in addition, student canteen , information process and course tools shelter along with units such as rooms , warehouse , parts such as technical centers will take place , \"he said . Photo Rector Bircan , adding the delivery location also places will be faculty in the new campus area promises to do in the next process.

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