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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:49

Join Coppersmith Bazaar Days of Ramadan

Join Coppersmith Bazaar Days of Ramadan
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Join the coppersmith and tinsmith in Elazig Copper Bazaar shopkeepers who , despite extreme heat and fasting in Ramadan continues to work .

Elazığ news: In Elazig date Coppersmith Bazaar coppersmith and tinsmith who artisans, excessive heat and fasting although in Ramadan affairs continues.
Historic Copper Bazaar hot air and the month of Ramadan despite the artisan works continues . Close to 70 in the historic market place of work before but now the number has decreased to 3 in today . Copper Bazaar victory in 45 years that tin nor'easter jobs is bad , but it was stated that despite the continued occupation . Such as copper and tin was not interested in the old transfer the northeasterly , children will continue to work until you are employed , he said.
in Ramadan working conditions more difficult underlines the northeasterly , \"the weather is hot , the fire front are working , but God is helping . I'm retired but I have to work . Takes my salary not enough for me . children employed until the work I think . Elazığ copper and not enough attention to tin .'re making money from outside of work , \"he said .

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