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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:25

Join the Golden Horde And Share Albimo was Alanyaspor

Join the Golden Horde And Share Albimo was Alanyaspor
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PTT 1 League in the 5th week of the Golden Horde , the Albimo accommodated in the Manisa 19 Mayis Stadium was a 1-1 draw with Alanyaspor .

Manisa news:
match held after the press conference Altınordu Technical Director Hussein Eroglu, \"four weeks to win did not . struggle to win , but we somehow win did not . Spades such began . match in the first half of our mastery Us passed. A kind of positions could not evaluate . second half 5 10 minutes after we collected . match the breakpoints in the forward geçebils if we prevailed could . Recent strokes could not evaluate . 1-0 after 1-1 have achieved . until the last minute to win chased but goals to assign the Hotel did not win . should have won a match but we lost sorry \"he said.
the first time, a chance to form finds Joseph Abdioğlu for evaluation in Eroglu, \"Joseph Abdioğlu really fought well . task was waiting and function optimally fulfilled. Each player also benefit from the need to . League a long marathon congratulate itself \"he said .
Golden Horde players Berkay Samancı congratulated both teams ,\"have a good fight . We have entered into scoring position could not evaluate . Not bad , but the winner can not we play football . We're sorry for it . This is a chance to break the will prevail and these draw the benefits of going to see \"the words have exerted .
to him, the whole Islamic world Eid began celebrating Albimo Alanyaspor Technical Director Mehmet Altiparmak , yansıtamadıklarını said they want the game to the field . Altiparmak , \"Obviously, today, this week, did not exhibit the football we play . We played against a good team . Especially in the first half went head to head . The second half started very well . We also found the goal . Our mastery of the game to complete the game geçmekteyk expelled from Ayité broke our balance . In these conditions, we have received for our score here is gold. Struggle was based on just the game we play . Also congratulate our opponent . They did everything to win . We received a points league for a long marathon away happy, \"he said.
Voicing begins faltering first half Albimo Alanyaspor player Emre Vulture , the\"second half we were a little more active . We also found the goal . Then cut the red card was a bit ahead of us . Nevertheless, we have fought the good fight , \"he said.
Alanyasporl Another Albimo players come Ahmet Özer also noting that for 3 points to Manisa , said:
\"We are faced with a number of important today . Position, then our opponent a little more than a red card came upon us . We still have fought the good fight . Not bad at one point that we get here, but the winner could come . \"

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