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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:45

Journalist Initiative in Nazilli Knife Attack

Journalist Initiative in Nazilli Knife Attack
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Fk'n of the nazilli State Hospital doctors , journalists investigating the alleged assault of the disabled switchboard operator , was made to attempt a knife attack .

Aydın news: Photo yesterday , according to information obtained , the doctor who claimed to have been beaten by the telephonist Mehmet Murat journalists who want to interview namesake Gurkan, met in the workplace of his father's namesake . Gurkan who interviewed with the namesake , about to leave the workplace to discourage complaints from the namesake Dr. F.K. and next O. (31) and E. V. (28) came to the workplace. Trying to persuade him to give up his namesake , Dr.complaints FK, namesake of his father, \"I came to get helallik \"he tried to talk to the central dispatcher . He came with the doctor trying to take pictures with this camera reporter asked Murat Gurkan turning off the camera. Angry to continue to shoot the reporter OE taking into penknife hand out of his back pocket , \"Strait Do not mind me , you think you're confusing with zibidi in me market , this is unlike any place ,\"he walked Gurkan on . Bystander event together with the introduction yatıştırılırk correspondent escaped unscathed Murat Gurkan event. Gurkan shipped police complaint on the scene and took him to the police station side . Gurkan , indicating that he was trying to do the task ugly attack , he's o.a in knife attack me by a doctorof its own volition or azmettiril said he did not know , was suffering from o.a . Police seizing the knife used in the incident , Dr. F.K. with his friends in Ö and E. V. After the statement was released . Photo investigation into the incident was launched.

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