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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:43

Journalists Gelibolulu District Governor Visits

Journalists Gelibolulu District Governor Visits
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Canakkale Gallipoli appointed prefect of the district governorate continues to visit Oktay Chagatai .

Çanakkale news: District who served in national and local media representatives , the new prefect was found in visits welcome Oktay Chagatai . Photo UAV representative selection Turşucu , Anadolu Agency of Nature Zelov and Panorama newspaper owner Jamal Akdag, prefect visited Oktay Chagatai . Kaymakamlık opinion journalists in his office for an hour and Oktay Chagatai were found to exchange information about county issues. Governor Oktay Chagatai , \"I did not expect that Gallipoli's so beautiful. In my first determination flowing river at Gallipoli but establishes thirst. Late developing . A place , however , the appeal in all respects. There are many shortcomings in education. Low levels of achievement in education. In particular, level in high school . we took the hands of our district Education Department on this matter and we have started the necessary work . we want to be branded as Gallipoli's name in education , \"he said .
Governor Chagatai , as well information about the hospital they Gelibolulu of the most suffering , but also gave the good news . Governor Chagatai , \"I did some research before coming to town . I read that Doktorsuzluk because of walks. I bought the necessary information about this topic when I arrived. Gallipoli to end the doktorsuzluk problem. We have made the necessary initiatives. Emergency services arrived 2 general practitioner. 2 GPs better future. urgent problems will be solved, specialist doctors at the beginning of the actual task. Christmas coming up in our hospital cardiologist. we immediately started looking for another place to open a dialysis center in the district . we will take care of it , \"he said .

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