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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:48

Joy in Adiyaman Bayramlaşma

Joy in Adiyaman Bayramlaşma
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Eid al-Adha celebration program in Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, the protocol was carried out with the participation of members and citizens .

Adıyaman news:
Mimar Sinan held at Cultural Park to be holy was an intense participation from all segments of the population . Citizens and public officials and the holy post-public institutions were visited.
Mimar Sinan Cultural Park held in the holy program Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, AK Party Deputy Group Chairman Ahmet Aydin , Adiyaman deputies Mehmet Metin's , Murtaza Yetis, Provincial Gendarmerie and the Garrison Commander Colonel Ibrahim dark , Adiyaman Mayor Husrev Kutlu , Adiyaman University Rector Dr. Talha volunteer, public institutions and organizations chiefs, political party leaders , civil society representatives and many citizens attended.
Bayramlaşma program, gave a speech at the Mayor Husrev Kutlu , \"Adiyaman of Eid-ul congratulated even today around the world in the innocent people are sacrificed . Eid al-Adha on the occasion of the world flowing innocent blood of the stand I hope , \"he said .
Turkey's large state indicating that the Adiyaman deputy Mehmet Metin while ,\"We raised our differences together one is to be. Alawites with Sunni'water , Kurds, Turks Türkiye'y together . 10 years ago, ten years later with Turkey, the Turkey is very different. 10 years ago after 10 years with the Adiyaman, Adiyaman's also very different. together in Turkey we are on . Nobody social unity in ruin will never allow , \"he said .
Turkey every aspect of an exemplary country noted that the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin,\"If today our neighbors , the Middle East region are also from North Africa , the Balkans and If there are problems in many places to the Caucasus and Turkey in all of these problems on the dynamics robust stability and confidence which have been caught if the road continues to the peace process with the environment is through unity and brotherhood . Steadiness in our growth as we , in our development , our democracy is the biggest criteria . Everyone living in this country for individuals and first-class citizens of this country is essential . Our hope in Adiyaman, tolerance and tranquility of the environment , including Turkey, is spread all over the world . This Eid al-Adha on the occasion of the world flowing innocent blood stoppage of hope that , \"he said .
Mimar Sinan Cultural Park in the holy Umeda, holiday greeting accepts and public bayramlaşan Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas , the\"Adiyaman our holy and with you are a combination of great honor . Today in Adiyaman-the Sunnis , Alevis , Kurds by the Turkish-we are in the same hall . It could not be a better table . This table and our region , and our country , as well as a table is to be an example to the world . It provides unity and solidarity would like to thank you for . Feast of the Sacrifice of the Adiyaman , our country and all of humanity to peace, happiness, love, brotherhood and solidarity with the concentration of the occasion I wish to be , \"he said .
Public officials and the public made ​​holy after the Governor Mahmoud Demirtas delegation together with the provincial gendarmerie commander through the military personnel and military service that soldiers bayramlaştı . then open prison through with prisoners bayramlaştı . prisoners feast to congratulate Governor Demirtas, \"Dear God , this holy days of you emancipation , your families and your children healthy and peaceful way to developing bless you . I hope for all of you here would be the last feast . Hopefully recently attaining your freedom as an individual honorable citizens of this community you can join . All the festivals celebrating , \"he said .
Open Prison holy after the Governor Demirtas delegation headed , Polisevi switching to safety personnel and bayramlaştı . Then Adiyaman Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate Depending on the 80th Anniversary of Mentally Disabled Rehabilitation and Education Center , passing staying here children bayramlaşan Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, children's feast congratulated close showed interest.
Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, the Feast of Sacrifice in the tent city remaining Syrians did not forget . tent city where he left Syria bayramlaşan Governor Demirtas, \"this with you fifth holidays. We are putting our country first two years . We opened our arms and our hearts to you . And the Government of the Republic of Turkey is really huge . About 10 thousand Syrian refugees in tent cities would like to guests . On the one hand you are giving education services . On the one hand board with health care services are covered. Our goal , our brothers and sisters in the best way you our government is to provide services . You have not suffered persecution in their own countries . Our greatest wish in your country as soon as the war finished and a healthy and peaceful way is to return to your country . On this occasion all the holidays congratulate \"he said.
Tent city remaining in the Syrian Abundance El Ahmed , the Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, in the person of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of saying thank you ,\"Turkey is our big brother and our brother is . We are here to provide every opportunity for health education-thank you very much for that . We came here because we somehow injured . After we returned to our homeland in Turkey's continuous trust and hope that our desire is to remain in peace . We are grateful to you , \"he said .

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