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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:27

Joy of Children's Day in Kumluca

Joy of Children's Day in Kumluca
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In the district of Antalya's sandy Day was common in children with joy .

Antalya news: Kumluca prepared by the Municipality of sugar sand bags were distributed to children at the output of the Eid prayer . Kumluca citizens to feast prayer after the morning prayer in the mosque began to gather in the city center of the old . The Mufti of sand before the Eid prayer sermons and advice on Abdulmuttalip Cash found . The citizens of the mosque for the Eid prayer on the second floor and the garden filled. After the Eid prayers in the holy mosque gardens have citizens . The sequence at the beginning of Eid greetings to Mayor Sandy Mr.Hüsamettin Cetinkaya, Title Source Mufti Abdulmuttalip Cash , Old Mosque Imam Musa Yavuz found early . After the holy children of citizens has been switched to sugar distribution . Where various sugar in small bags and money on holiday joy to children who are partners sandy Mayor and County Mufti Husain Cetinkaya Abdulmuttalip Cash was distributed on the side . Sandy Mayor Husain Cetinkaya , holiday traditions distributing candy to children in rural areas of the county were made for centuries . This tradition in the town center on the condition also apply to both partners as well as our children's holiday joy festivals celebrated with enthusiasm in unity and solidarity in order to give our children a sense distributes sugar , \"he said .

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