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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:06

Judicial year was inaugurated in Izmir

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Hall of Justice was inaugurated in Izmir 2013-2014 judicial year.

Sema ceremony, President of the Izmir Bar Association

Pekdaş A-protocol entrance, the Regional Administrative Court President Osman Ermumcu Izmir, Izmir Public Prosecutor Hüseyin Chief, Judicial Commission President Akar Karasu Izmir, Izmir Province Kocabaş Court of Justice and the Public Prosecutor Jalal joined a large number of members of the judiciary . Placing wreath at the monument of Atatürk, followed by silence and the National Anthem conversation started.

applications last year, there were seen in a state of law and lawyers, therefore, sad, resentful, and angry that they are Pekdaş President of the Bar Association, the new judicial year, the human rights abuses against the very mention of the rule of law to say that it would be a year, he said. President of the Regional Administrative Court of the podium Ermumcu Then I CHD Izmir Branch was part of a protest by a group of lawyers."Prisoners lawyers of freedom"banner that the protesters,"releasing the detained lawyers"in the words left field. Ermumcu later, was to speak.

protest Karasu also sorry that the President of the Judicial Commission stated that there was places to courthouses and demonstrations. Karasu indicating that they expect lawyers to respect the rule of law, that no one had the right to self-defense while committing a crime, the law's apartment when the task stressed the need to adhere.

to give to the applicant the right to require the delay, stating that because the Attorney General's Chief incomparable happiness is inner peace justice devoid of any communities not only the rights and laws, and hope for the future will lose confidence said. The ceremony ended with the opening of the Izmir Bar Association Art Group exhibition.

Judicial year was inaugurated in Izmir" comments for.


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