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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:09

Judicial year was inaugurated in Muğla

Judicial year was inaugurated in Muğla
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Office of the Prosecutor and the opening of the judicial year due to Muğla Muğla Bar Association, laid a wreath at Ataturk monument.

ceremony, the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Republic Square, Abraham Akbash, President Mahmoud Justice Commission, Mugla Bar Association Chairman Mustafa Ilker Gurkan, lawyers, judges and prosecutors attended.

Bar Association President Gürkan, said in his speech here "K arşılaştığımız Despite all the bad examples of humanity is good, right, continues to maintain a good line of existence. course, troubles, problems, or experiencing pain, but going to live positive. Posted in progress. Oscar Wilde, 'People know the price of everything but I do not know the value of nothing. ' he says. We do not think so. our assets, our ability to know the value of. them in which to develop and maintain the cause of all these efforts, it has left us the legacy of humanity will be to continue to adopt and promote. humanity to it that there is one in the legacy, 'not the legacy of our ancestors, our children are entrusted.' said. Environment and nature. quest for justice, until recently, was for the people who live or groups of people. now expanded this area. waters, meadows, trees, ants, blue sky, white marble, a myriad of animate and inanimate nature, neighbors, friends, and to be born to We want justice for our children. would like to point out that our problem at this point. Danıştayımız, by a change in the case barolarımızın opened proceedings on these issues, in terms of grievance began to reject. defend and protect human rights and the rule of law, Article 76 of the law barolarımıza the task. mission We will complete the effort required to fulfill an effort to show. issue is not a problem, olabilmektir part of the solution."

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