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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:57

Jumblatt Governor Border

Jumblatt Governor Border
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Hakkari Governor James Jumblatt , his delegation at the border with Iraq if commanders began his new position on expeditions'get better'visit found .

Hakkari news: Hakkari Governor James Jumblatt , his delegation Iraq border on expeditions new duties began to commanders of the'get better'visit found .
Governor Jumblatt , accompanying Mountain and Commando Brigade Commander Brigadier General Ahmed otal , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of Gendarmerie Colonel Yavuz Özfidan and Provincial Police Director Rasul Holoğl with Cukurca initially appointed a new beginning Çukurca 2nd Border Brigade Commander Brigadier General Mustafa Serdar boyfriend visited his office and said,'get better'wished .
then i town center last Governor Jumblatt and his retinue , district Governor Unal coach and was welcomed by the citizens . Municipal Park in the town center listened to the problems of the citizens of the Governor Jumblatt , then that will be opened in the village of Uzumlu related to border crossings looked at the work carried out . Grapes Border Gate on information from the authorities about the study area Jumblatt Governor , met with Iraqi officials at the border and then returned to the city center .

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