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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 11:50

Just clinging to the Cold Medicines in Children

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Significantly increased with the air of cool thoroughly warning against colds located in Ankara Private Trust Hospital Children's Health Center Dr experts.

Significantly increased with the air of cool thoroughly warning against colds located in Ankara Private Trust Hospital Children's Health Center Dr experts. Rights Akman,"antibiotic, expectorant, cough, cold and allergy syrups are of no use,"he said.
has firmed up the heavy winter conditions in the following days due to colds, pointed out that a great increase of complaints DR. Rights Akman, both in childhood and adults, between the beginning of the most common causes of upper respiratory tract infection, consult a doctor explained that came from. Of colds often"rhinovirus"virus called an expression that is used for the clinical picture of Dr. Akman,"rhinovirus colds cases responsible for about half and the kids year 6-8 times colds can spend. Colds although all throughout the year may be seen most commonly the period during autumn from September to November, during the spring from March to May are from,"he said. FIRST COMPLAINT
rhinovirus and other respiratory viruses are found in abundance in the nasal secretions, so coughing, sneezing and runny nose with Dr. said that they easily spread. Akman, he continued:
"also from person to person or infected by the virus places through contact also infect. Virus excretion of the disease on the first day begins and the infectious status 7-10 days. Signs of the disease usually get the virus after 2-3 days starts after. fever, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, headache and muscle aches may occur. Sore throat is usually the first appearance of the complaints, followed by initially transparent nasal discharge develops. Nasal discharge in a few days inflamed appearance takes on, then re-transparent and can take up to 10-14 days. fever, especially under 8 years old and is usually seen in 1-2 days.complaint is the busiest period of the 3-4th day."COUGH SYRUP
DR. Akman, a treatment that has cold in general, to provide comfort to the patient noted that the planned treatment. Dr.. Akman,"Fever reducers used. Studies in the treatment of cold from time to time prescribed antibiotics, expectorants, coughing and allergy syrups, echinacea preparations containing, cold medicines known as combined medication and unnecessary use benefits of vitamins is not shown. Especially cough syrups doctor's recommendation without the uncontrolled use of very serious cause problems are seen to be. Classically colds Increasing fluid intake is recommended to, but significant fluid loss in children who Increasing fluid intake in the cold a positive impact on not determined"he said.
recently conducted studies on the treatment of colds that zinc Dr told. Akman, said:
"Specifically, the complaints started the first 24 hours, so in the early stages of zinc when starting the duration of symptoms of the amount has decreased, but still cold in the routine zinc use is not recommended. Recent years, especially before sleeping in the amount of milk and the honey of the night cough were found to attenuate. However, under the age of children (botulism risk as a result) honey should not be given should be noted. Sleep ahead with saline nasal cleansing canceled, due to colds, nasal congestion by reducing the children to sleep in comfort in ensuring been found."

Just clinging to the Cold Medicines in Children" comments for.


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