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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:58

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag:

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag:
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Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, Turkey in peace and comfort that celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice , but said he could not live in peace as neighbors .

Yozgat news:
hometown of Eid Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag pass in Yozgat , the AK Party was holy to the party in the Provincial Organization . Gave a speech here , Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, \"this feast for all of us , for our families , our city , for our country , for our nation , no to be instrumental in Almighty Allah petition would . , Our country in peace peace bilateral me in a feast more lives , but Turkey's next to the neighbors'and elsewhere , unfortunately, peace and security in festival can not live our Muslim brothers there . our wish is that he is in Turkey, how we rest in peace we love and we have counted with people feast of Sacrifice lives and sacrifice fulfills Herzegovina in the same way in Syria'also in Iraq, no other land in the narrow and hard-set of all Muslims in the same way Eid al-Adha celebrations, live . these festivals bitter tears of blood of violence , conflict, war and the ending is conducive to the hope that the upcoming holidays so painfully feast would rather everyone's peace of mind to be in a Eid is experienced. our wish is our hope that Allah holiday feast flavor to celebrate our nation bestowed as all Muslims also bless you, \"he said.
the holidays and our religion is a beauty and our culture is very important part stressed that the Justice Minister Bozdag, \"feast of our religion feature, the beauty of our culture accordance with the requirements in a way both to live well lived should , because of holidays , unfortunately these features in our country are eroding. Some see it as such in assessing holiday feast , whereas not a holiday feast , the feast is a worship . We know it and believe it . Then he got to do what is required . Next to go big , ask about to kiss her hand , but extremely important to get the blessing without the possibility of great passing, there are plenty of other places . They do not celebrate the festival of Eid flavor . Maybe they're doing an evaluation in terms . For this reason, we Yozgatlılar the holiday feast all the requirements appropriately we live in , \"he said .
\" NATIONAL SECURITY-oriented THREAT IF TURKEY Nin to take necessary hesitation NOT \"
work of the Assembly last Thursday , the Turkish Armed Forces exit permit required for cross-border operations mentioned that the Minister of Justice Bozdag,\"Assembly on the last working day on Thursday issued a permit . Permit Turkey's national security facing threats and risks against the Turkish Armed Forces necessary frontier, Extent and other issues by the government to be appointed in a way abroad to be sent again towards these goals in the problem when foreign armed forces elements also in Turkey and to retain this issue and our government authority giving . Of course we do not want to use this permit , but if you do not wish to implement Turkey's national security , integrity threats facing Turkey as a matter of course then you need our hesitating about what to do if we would not have it . In fact, this memorandum of Turkey as well as our government's national security in the revealed tenderness revealed a concrete indication \"he said.
In Syria for a long time pain and tears stressed that the Justice Minister Bozdag , said continued:
\"more than a million people have come to Turkey case, the whole world was indifferent to these events in Syria . Need to provide support as needed to solve this problem , unfortunately, did not support . What is happening in Syria, analyze and evaluate the possibility of correctly or did not find , or have analyzed the deepening of the emerging picture of their job creation . Which is the right one , I do not know , time will tell , but the fact is that no matter which analyzes the resulting spell disaster . Over 200 thousand people died. Turkey ta whole world since the beginning of the work in Syria warns against burning fire ,'Come put out the fire at the beginning of more work , \"he said . This fire will burn you burn the others , said that fire damage to anyone . But, unfortunately, we did not find support necessity at this point . At this point there was a shortage . One possibility to overcome the problems of Turkey not alone . The international community to come together at this point it is necessary to put a common attitude . 200 thousand people died , not less. The world has been a witness against it . Chemical weapons were used against it, the audience was thick. A lot of atrocities committed by Assad's regime is , it also is not the audience . This feast day once again would like to express , the Syrian atrocities Assad's cruelty may, but this cruelty to end at the point of power and strength and the movement who also do its part of who this persecution has shares , is responsible , liability has . Turkey to stop at this point, blood and tears are falling on more done . Turkey experienced people to deliver a sense of understanding on the part despite everything that has managed to implement , but our government does in our country there are people who criticize these issues . Politicians, opposition parties have , journalists have had other circles . Can be criticized , but criticism of criticism is a natural right of everyone to be conscientious in doing , to be objective , to be scrupulous , it is necessary to be accurate . If they do occur would be constructive criticism but just to wear down the AK Party government , criticized for damaging if you do then you from your conscience , one can not mention your objectivity .'Turning a hair against what is happening in Syria, the'can not say. Our neighbors across the border olds , these children as his uncle , the uncle of children in voting , have relatives , our kin , our co-religionists , have tarihdaş . We got along so olmuşluğu . We're together so our people will come back , it will bebusiness ? In Iraq it is, there is the same case . For this reason, Turkey and the Turkish government has done the right thing , the right thing will continue to do so thereafter . Never Do not worry , we CHP seeing his blind politics of Turkey's pre-'ve never let that interfere with walking , then we will not allow . We will continue on our way to our nation by observing the law . \"

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag:" comments for.


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