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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:44

Ka.der of Mersin School of Politics Begins

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Supporting Women Candidates Association ( KA.DER ) that continued for 12 years \"Politics Schools for Women \"scope , political school in Mersin will be performed for women candidates in general elections will start on November 27 , 2014.

Mersin news: Free ones and 4-day training that can apply from 8 provinces .
\"Political School for Women \"KA.DER President made ​​a written explanation of the Mersin foot Hearts Karahanoglu , the participation of women in decision-making ka.der they established in 1997 conducted various studies to improve recalled . The most important of one female politicians, parliamentarians and local authorities in order to contribute to that in 1997 they started female candidate training programs is that Karahanoglu underlines \"This training program Our attempt to transform it into a permanent political school for women began in 2002 . Since 2002'for Women politics schools'won continuity in KA.DER activities. so far, our schools were attended by about 500 thousand women . for women politicians also want to be a candidate in the general election in the 2014-2015 period'political schools'we continue to organize , \"he said . Photo Mersin politics school on November 27, 2014 will begin and stating that it will take 4 days Karahanoglu , \"Mersin our politics school , will be among the Mersin 9:30 to 17:30 hours and will not be charged any fees for participation. these schools , gender, public policy , foreign policy, social policy and environmental policy , as well as issues such as how should the campaign includes execution techniques and share information such as skills, \"he said . the Photo Mersin Politics School, Mersin , Hatay, Osmaniye, Gaziantep , Izmir , Adana, Karaman and from Antalya the application can be done Karahanoglu stating , noting that the application of 20 November 2014 ended, he continued:\"Mersin wishing to be a candidate in the general election to Political School or expect applications from candidates who are female politicians. We request that persons wishing to apply by completing the application form to the following email address . \"Photo KA.DER Advisory Board Member İlksen Crest Dincer KA.DER Mersin 2-6 June 2008 the first local elections in the School of Politics Recalling that opened before , \"7 out of 21 women from different political parties participating in politics had entered the school council membership . This year our school politics , opened in Mersin before the legislative elections in November. All female candidates are welcome to our school , \"he said .

Ka.der of Mersin School of Politics Begins" comments for.


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