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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 18:27

Kadlec:\"Diego is a good player \"

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Fenerbahçe's Michal Kadlec of Czech players , yellow-blue team's new signing Diego Ribas said olduug very good player .

Fenerbahçe's Czech player Michal Kadlec , yellow-blue team's new signing Diego Ribas's a very good player olduug said .
Yellow-dark blue experienced footballer Kadlec, Fenerbahçe's new season jerseys, new foreign quota , the new transfer Diego Ribas made ​​remarks about .
Heel Plateau district of Düzce Kaynaşlı Facility Fenerbahce Fenerbahce football team continued preparations for the new season's Michal Kadlec of Czech players , held a press conference . Michal Kadlec , the first of the facilities mentioning , \"Welcome my second year, the whole plants I know. A very nice preparation process're having . Geller In our early days pretty much there was fog . But today the weather is nice and hopefully continue in this way , and have the best way to continue our work Thank you , \"he said .
new season football shirts four stars you want to decorate stated that they Kadlec, \"Of course, new jerseys liked very much. Blue, white and barred shirt liked very much. perspective, this form together with 4 star plugging, season to finish will try \"he said .
a press officer what position it plays better, the question that if the Czech player , \"Of course, it is in fact comparisons have to do . Teams where you need me there if I get. left-back or stop the playback can not say . this teacher's decision. I'm in the second half stop as I took part . these technical team is the decision . Benin where they want to be there , \"he said .
Kadlec finally foreign quota and new signing Diego about ,\"as you said, the first 18 in 8 foreign staff will take place. Looking at our squad's 10-11 stranger . This association will abide by the decision taken by us . Staff was a first for me so I did not stay outside . But you always need to be prepared . Get extra training , I always do get training . I did not stop working . He is a very good player . We've faced in Germany . Finished with 10 assists on the season . Fenerbahce think will contribute in this direction , \"he said .

Kadlec:\"Diego is a good player \"" comments for.


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