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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:41

Kağıthane Municipality:\"Legal Framework on the motion , we Meat \"

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Above ground determined to be resistant to earthquakes damaged in Kağıthane 4-storey apartment building has been sealed by the municipal teams.

İstanbul news: The statement made by the municipal authorities , \"We have acted within the law as municipalities\", he said. Photo Kağıthane Municipality , while on the ground, determined not resistant to earthquakes damaged in the industrial neighborhood was sealed 4-storey apartment building. With notice of a quiet building who wished to remain anonymous Kagithane determined Municipality of Housing and Urban Development Department surveyed by building as severely damaged. Following the work of determining if explode the columns in the Photo Ground floor quickly completed the municipal authorities of being destroyed at high risk for the building to be evacuated decided . Directed under the supervision of the police team to the area to prevent possible casualties evacuated sealed the apartment immediately . Citizens entering the apartment by breaking the seal on the separation from the neighborhood of the police teams spent their lives in the apartment where the risk of collapse of the night risking . Made a statement upon to take part in a different way in Photo News media Kagithane recalling municipal authorities that provide for the security of the citizens of priority work , said:Photo:\"We acted within the law as a municipality . If we are to talk briefly about the process on the subject ; Industrial District, Danube Street, 33 door numbered place , our Housing and Urban Development Directorate on 11.11.2014 pursuant to the confidential statement apply to our municipal technical personnel of neighborhood were examined . in the examination , the existing building's structural system (columns, beams and the floor ) is the deformation , the carrier element in those as a result of being exposed to extreme corrosion of steel reinforcement in opening a result of the concrete cover is composed of serious cross-sectional losses are also to be very low quality of concrete, exposed the building's current state under load has been observed that the supply remains static hazards. 3194 Zoning Law Article 39 , pursuant to pose a major hazard in terms of the relevant place of life and property safety and compensation on 11.11.2014 about the place known for the avoidance of possible non-negative static reports issued by , and discharged from the population and property. \"

Kağıthane Municipality:\"Legal Framework on the motion , we Meat \"" comments for.


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