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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:15

Kahramanmaras \"Atiya \"with Costi

Kahramanmaras \
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Songs, reviews of the hottest young stars of the last period and the sympathetic attitude Atia met with fans in Kahramanmaras Piazza Shopping and Life Center .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo commentator as well as the composer and his music career continued successfully with lyricist identity Ati has captured the hearts of fans with spectacular stage performance . He sang , \"Robbery There ,\"\"Wake up Come \"and \"Ya Habibi\"draws musical feast with from popular songs were accompanied by throwing fans. Of Photo Voice as well as dancing with the acclaimed Atia , once again in the hearts of fans throne established . Extend the hands of the audience that filled the ice rink environmental reject the Atiya , often at the hands of lovers kept throwing tour around the scene. Atia , given that after the mini-concert distribute plenty of signatures. Photo CRYING FAN, the consolation was NOT The Photo throwing closer view and a young girl between the waiting thousands of people to get his signature celebrity As with sobs began to cry beside the artist . The young girl's tears, wiping consoles Atia , then kissed her on the cheek hugging him . Expressing his joy in the face of great interest in the Photo View Atiya , \"a very nice feeling to see that man's so loved. All Kahramanmaraşlı and me thanks to these lovely people to meet with the Piazza shopping center manager I am , \"he said . Photo Art , the spice of life with social and cultural activities of the city of Kahramanmaras was accompanied by applause and cheers rain on Piazza Shopping and life Center Atia in the storm .


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