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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:05

Kalaşnikoflu the murderers of his brother Abu-Caught

Kalaşnikoflu the murderers of his brother Abu-Caught
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14 days ago in Elazig tools to Kalaşnikoflu brother and his brother's killer , who was killed by scanning Ahmet A.

Elazığ news: helping him with his wife , including the four people arrested . Killer , six thousand pounds owed ​​brother-sister front of the house'or our money , or profits brought saying for spamming killed , allegedly .
Event September 27, 2014 at midnight Elazig Kovancılar in the town of Bingol on the road occurred . Malatya residing in construction plastering that Ali (33) and Dolphins Çetintas (28) brothers six thousand pounds, to collect as they arrive Kovancılar in the car a long-barreled weapon attacks as a result of the scene were killed . After the event, Elazığ Provincial Police Department Homicide Bureau of Public Security Branch teams, was killed and his brother killing brother has started to illuminate . The first day the suspects of the two brothers who owe Ahmet A. ( 38) found that the police, the event in order to back a meticulous study did.
about the murder police , which determine the day of the event as suspicious testimony was admitted under the pretext of getting information from Ahmed A. . In his statement , but he was doubtful debts and whether you think they came to the event, saying that the news was learned. Police , who was killed on the day of his brother in-law accompanied HS was admitted to the knowledge of the h.ş.'n a friend . H. S. and H. S., on the day the two brothers six thousand pounds would take to collect the Ahmet A.'s house they came , but no one on the lack on the road to a facility now , he said.
WEAPON WIFE < strong> have land burial
police suspect killed by Ahmed A. The contradiction between the two brothers, relatives said , and some technical studies decided after the operation . Homicide Bureau teams, with the support of district police in the town of Kovancılar by simultaneous operation Ahmet A. ( 38), his wife VA (39), brother MW With kayınbrader the ED is detained .
police seized evidence after a detained suspect Ahmed A., murder confessed , \"on the day the two brothers front of our house came wanted to meet . , I at home like you have behaved. then the front of house'or our money , or bring your wife , \"he went shouting . Thereupon, a long-barreled gun in the house went from taking my vehicle to advance fired , Kalashnikov also gave my wife for safekeeping ,\"he learned. Suspect's wife, V. A. Ahmed A. taking the gun away from home has confessed to bury an empty land . Suspect held in woman show where the murder weapon was found buried in the search .
2 people intentionally murder suspect for the murder of Ahmet A. , wife VA tools to help concealing the crime , his brother Ma with kayınbrader Inc. Due to conceal the incident even though they know Kovancılar was referred to the Court .
investigation into the incident continues.

Kalaşnikoflu the murderers of his brother Abu-Caught" comments for.


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