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  • 01 Mart 2013, Cuma 09:45

Kamaştırın his eyes!

Kamaştırın his eyes!
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With a view to striking and seductive at your next appointment if you want to listen to the recommendations of experts in fashion and beauty. Find out if your clothing is a great kombinlerken what is attractive.

Whether you are a first meeting, you want to make your partner is preparing to spend Valentine's Day, to find the elixir of fashion and beauty, timeless style of hair and makeup tricks to create a pleasant matter only.

Based EM

Appointment A Night Gown


OK! Magazine fashion editors Kabbie Rodriguez will gaze upon you, but not much to look in the neck, long sleeves, a black mini-dress, high-heeled boots, the sleek and elegant, with a portfolio kombinlemenizi recommend a ring. Rodriguez, clothing and"proportionality and the right body"criterion argues. For example, if a low-cut top wearing her long and kloş on a child, complete with a stylish jacket or wear décolleté.

The same rule also applies to makeup

:If you are a smoky eye make-up, stabilize it with simple lips. If driving this fiery red lipstick, eye makeup look, complete with a vague.

Based EM

Make an appointment

One Night

Another way to refresh your style

try new hairstyles. Chan, 'When I get bored and I wanted to change my appearance, kâküllerimi cut,' he says.

First Event Style

Rodriguez, '"is the first step to meet more meetings, as little as possible into jewelry,"he suggests, adding,' It's all to do, you want to get over you, chandelier earrings or a bib, such as the size of your chest, plant and equipment Not necklace '. Rodriguez will deploy a note too flashy jewelry, elegant accessories, such as pearl earrings-which is compatible with almost every thing-recommend completing other classics.

Bit EM undesirable Glamour

Evaluate your beauty

Big göğüslüyseniz, try the heart-cut tops and dresses. And long-formed legs, long sleeves above-mentioned type, you can try a mini-dress. Drawstring waist perfectly fine with plenty of skirts çıkartıyorken, a thin sleeve one shoulder dresses for women looks great."

the heels shoe preference. Rodriguez,"sexy heeled shoes, fashionable, such as stops or correcting your posture. Just make sure yürüyebileceğinize with them, 'he says.

EM Self-Confidence Is Everything

Most importantly, always in their natural style and personality
Please note. 'There are two things that should be on a date with a women's self-confidence
and things do not go as intended teased about their ability to own,"
Chan says, and adds:"Yes, nice to look important-both for yourself and
for your partner-but the main purpose of the appointment, to spend a pleasant time together.
Personality, the most powerful and beautiful weapon you have."

About the Author:Mariel Chua , Seventeen, Cosmopolitan EM EM and OK! EM former beauty editor for magazines. The Style Glossy Turkey 'EM contributes to the writings.

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