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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 13:42

Kaplan harsh criticism from Hdp'l Sayıştaty Reports

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HDPE Şırnak Hasip Kaplan, \"It confrontation is in progress, the operation is going on operations such as benefits continued to have , We are here to work in Parliament our hands under the stone, putting the government under his command police in times of peace have paid money ( operational benefits ) , the government's conscience does not exist\"he said.

HDPE Şırnak Hasip Kaplan, \"It confrontation is in progress, the operation is going on operations such as benefits continued to have , We are here to work in Parliament our hands under the stone, putting the government under his command police in times of peace have paid money ( operational benefits ) , the government's conscience does not exist\"he said.
Kaplan in Parliament at a press conference yesterday, the Planning and Budget Commission meeting commenced 473 billion pounds in 2015 budget related to the descriptions found .
Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, the presentation and the budget calendar determining the voicing Tigers \"budget right of every citizen to the Treasury has put every penny inspection of the fundamental rights and freedoms are . this respect , unfortunately, this year, budget control right has been removed . this Court audit by the reports is obvious. because the Court of Auditors on behalf of parliament exercise control , whereas the power of their supporters the Court of Auditors to be elected by the Assembly of a supervisory body to be taken off the government suggests a TCA has turned . So a'Aka Şayıştay'l are faced with , \"he said.
military and security expenditures related to the Court of Auditors report criticizing the Tigers ,\"'re looking at about MIT Undersecretary of the ball, the ball 4 pages. rap, you name it , if it is trying to report , sorry do not know what these reports . These reports teaches the need, \"he said.
Interior Ministry's budget prepared for the Court of Auditors report on 4 pages emphasize that Kaplan, \"Report writing is very comfortable , the computer was invented after the cut-and-paste are doing , the name you are changing , do you . Will be presented to the Assembly did not find anything serious . This SAI SAI Does the Assembly ? \"He asked .
Gendarmerie also criticized the report for Kaplan, \"We rose to more than 8 pages . You know, we entered into a settlement process . As of January 2013 up to 2014 was a period of no armed conflict . No operations , namely the withdrawal period has begun , but we're looking in the Gendarmerie . I will give one example , the Van Gendarmerie Command , 1 billion 473 million 203 thousand 73 pounds passenger transport , equipment, maintenance and consumption costs . So what if the same number of years of conflict have continued . So have identified in the report as a . Van was not a serious incident in 2013 , but these figures are , why ? A finding they put \"he said .
Kaplan, General Directorate of Security in the budget for the Court of Auditors reports , however, said:\"The security package in the sub-committee today discussed the state of reasonable doubt there will be operations under the name of prevention . In this report, the data are a bit thicker . Why was inspired by German police safety security package will occur . I'll go with a very simple example . First signs you know, reflected in a parallel investigation . Payments rewarded with sampling studied look, they often made ​​a payment and it has become routine practice , everyone did .
Something more interesting operations 2013-2014't Does the absence of conflict ? Field operations, special operations teams involved to Do ? None . It takes conflict , such as going operations operations have continued to receive benefits . Operation friends compensation is paid . We moved here to work in Parliament under our hands while putting the government in times of peace have paid money to the police under his command , not the conscience of this government . Operations related to the payment of compensation legislation have opened , instead of staff to cover all staff have distributed . So chop the potatoes in the kitchen, arms in hand, the operations officer at the beginning of the table browsing on the land have received compensation . Is there such a law . Now do you understand recent events cause the dust is mixed . \"
traffic monitoring and branch manager of the cuts on penalties traffic policemen \"mobile task compensation \"Tiger that was given , \"Arbitrary fines to pay the AK Party government has given mobile task . This is so vulgar that citizens use the funds for it brings the government safety regulations . So come out every day for 3 years, they're talking about Syria , the Free Syrian Army weapons and equipment given to the amount of inventory, what is the number ? In the budget do not , \"he said .
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's \"1.5 million Syrians 5 billion pounds aid was made that \"he recalls Kaplan,\"Now I am asking this in the budget , no figures announced . Which gave pen , where did you , did you give to whom . Or Did you get money from Qatar ? From somewhere else money laundering Do you receive from other areas of black money taps have been , \"he asked.
In recent months, the Medium Term Program ( MTP) also criticized Kaplan, \"Mr. Minister yesterday their presentations was saying ,'This budget budget choice is not'he said. Like honey election budget, budget choice with everything . To close open to privatization will be given full throttle . All the sugar mills and the money will everything customize'll sell this in the selection deficit and close it fine , \"he said .
\" AK Party government in the YELLOW FASHION START \"
economic progress in the contractors HAK Progress payments not received from the government argues Kaplan , \"The AK Party government began in the yellow envelope fashion . Yellow envelope a contractor goes to the banks , bureaucrats will finish the work that goes on , it gets right-crawlin win , the other will win . This is a win-win policy says AK Party government , this policy was the dominant budget . Not fluctuating exchange rates , exchange rates and the storm will blow . Every day against the dollar, the euro and the lira depreciated against the policies of the Federal Reserve interest rate policy of the Central Bank with 8 per cent in the government which does not know that the ocean is opened . If we do this the government's definition as follows:'We're going boarded a sign of the apocalypse', or return or not return . That this government's economic policy , \"he said .
\" Saturday Mothers of Lost Children is looking for 500 weeks \"
Tigers , Saturday Mothers search for missing children , said 500 weeks , \"they want one thing, justice , losses are found . Disappearance of persons in custody related to the United Nations, Turkey still has not signed the contract . It's a shame the government this black mark on his forehead stands. Since 2006 several times to raise it in Parliament despite the AK Party government did not do this . 500 weeks , which is currently represented in Parliament invites all parties signing this agreement , \"he said .
Description Answering journalists'questions after the Tiger, \"a 200-page road map in the solution process are discussed . Did you see the road map you personally ? \"To the question ,\"Mr. Selahattin Demirtas, who also said that there was no such thing as friends . Only the first page containing the title of the secretariat , the monitoring mission , such as the negotiating team . If the government says it can not say anything roadmap . Government on this issue a little more intimate and serious invite you to be \"I replied .
\"Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, sekreteryayl about the group chairmen of the delegation also can be changed say , how do you assess the question of \"Tiger, \"Solution of the process has a goal . A huge problem , a 30-year process to end the conflict . We see it as the democratization of Turkey . Views on sensitive issues such parties against each other the utmost respect must be constructive and positive, you need to act .'I did, I noticed , I chose what I want to do it'is not teptipç understanding of dialogues , monologues format. If these solutions were possible with the monologue form manifests itself in the world was an example . Resolution process is a highly sensitive issue for him , is an issue that will not be wasted . Everyone needs to pay more attention to the language \"gave money .
This year will be held in the Presidential Palace on 29 October Reception will participate on the question ,\"29 October reception I attend , I do not know about my party . I Hasip Kaplan, Şırnak deputy , as I say , Kopani posture, language and because of the way the President's Reception of the Republic , join Beştepe \"he said.

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