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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:55

Karabakh Human Rights Project Begins

Karabakh Human Rights Project Begins
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Morphou Municipality's Human Rights Project has been approved by the European Union .

İzmir news: Application for the Collective Consciousness Society is doing , Montenegro and Municipality associates that and the London-based Balik Arts Foundation co-applicant to the \"Human Rights Violations Novelty Methods and Experience Sharing Project\"to receive a grant was awarded . During the project , which will begin on October 15 will continue for 14 months .
Karabakh Municipality has signed a major project more successful . 480 thousand inhabitants of the county's development , a more modern structure continues to work to regain the Municipality of Karabakh EU project continues to realize the serious projects . Finally, a carefully prepared large EU has approved the project on human rights . After approval of the project in a meeting held in the Municipality of Morphou was started . Meeting , Montenegro and Deputy Mayor Rahim Ürünver , the Collective Consciousness Society President Gunay Earth, Project Coordinator Sip Pit , Montenegro Municipality Cultural Director Salim Cetin and Karabakh Municipality EU projects and R \u0026 D Specialist moonlight Lightning joined .
to raise awareness
EU-Turkey Civil society Dialogue-III-Political Criteria Grant Program on September 18th Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU ) and under an agreement signed budget, 90 percent of the CFCU , 10 percent the amount of the Karabakh Council will meet . Located in disclosures related to the subject-Karabakh Mayor Muhittin Selvitop a social wound of the project stating that more fingers pressed to take part in the study and wished success to other organizations . Selvitop , \"the project ; immigrant background adjustment problems, marginalization, urban integration and cultural conflicts and traditional family pressure resulting violence cases are dealt with. Projects , victims of violence, children, young girls and women to cover. Again , this project on human rights , civil society organizations and other stakeholders of sustainable build networks , community knowledge and awareness to improve the solution of these problems will contribute to develop new methods aims , \"he said .
October 15 will begin project , which will last 14 months and London-Enfield Council and non-governmental organizations and study visits will be made. In addition, the web page of the preparations making NGO creation of networks , short films capture and display, brochures and posters Preparation of forum theater preparing to implement the completion of the neighborhood program of work on the regulation and Karabakh selected five neighborhood forum theater performances realization will also be provided .

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