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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:56

Karabük'No to Drugs'action

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Karabük Grey Wolves Organization of Secondary Education , Istanbul Municipality causing sudden death in front of \"Bonzai \"to draw attention to action to raise awareness and their families did.

Karabük news:
in recent months in Turkey different types and put on the market and sudden death causing bonsai trees against the family of attention Karabük Grey Wolves Middle Education Organization , consisting of 50 groups of Karabük Municipality in front of the press release did.
sudden death causing bonzai of the a dangerous substance Noting Karabuk Grey Wolves secondary education Desk Ahmet Burak Kara bonsai trees against anyone unity and togetherness invited .
Land, \"in our country for the first time street name bonzai face us as and different types of fast-spreading synthetic cannabinoids on the chemical squeezing , synthetic grass and serious psychological harm a drug type. these drugs marijuana-like substance diagnosed as if nervous system cells from marijuana 100 times more binding harmful effects are shown. popular being and intriguing name due to secondary schools has been put up . synthetic cannabinoids Article bonzai are trying to create the effect using the name of harmlessness . Bonzai market since 2010 Turkey has begun to be seen . After this date, the rate of substance use, and a significant increase bulunabilirlilik met . Turkey production could be detected in the bonsai . Bonzai on the national market are brought from abroad . Bonzai agent in Turkey , China , USA, Cyprus , Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Hungary, countries are imported illegally . In turkey bonzai chemicals called Jamaica kannabinoidt really is a synthetic . In Turkey in 2012, 3 thousand 401 bonzai event occurs and 4 thousand 784 suspects in this incident was caught with 434 kilograms of drugs . In 2012, the number of events based on the previous year to about 19 ​​the number of suspects in the 57-fold , to capture increased profit in the amount of 10 . Both the number of events and number of suspects as well as capture the amount of this increase of this article in our country has spread that shows whether this matter of supply and demand prevention efforts given more weight should indicate that . Even if this drug is very dangerous at one time can create the risk of death and killing . There is a danger in the use of even a single dependency . Karabük Grey Wolves as the Secondary Unit of unity and togetherness invite our young people . At this point, we ask our family members outside our children against this shit wrapped tight to the national and spiritual values ​​of this society are routing . Our national and spiritual values ​​, which are transferred from generation to generation centuries of our tradition , I'm the antidote to the drug culture . To protect our children from drugs come with these values ​​and we should transfer our children . Turkish people coming out of here today aspire to be the interpreter of the Turkish youth , exchange-hearted look pristine crescent-browed forebears of the nationalist-nationalist movement stands. We believe that our large family we give ear to the Idealist will guide our young brothers . If you ask that you please neyis of the country , we shouted with drugs violates the rights of the voice of the youth , \"said the press release after the
citizens about bonsai trees to combat flyers were distributed.

Karabük'No to Drugs'action" comments for.


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