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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:25

Karacan Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Information Session (2)

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate name as described Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Board of Directors and Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ECC) President Harun Karacan nomination introductory meeting was held.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate name as described Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Board of Directors and Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ECC) President Harun Karacan nomination introductory meeting was held.
Atatürk Sports Hall made in meeting, Minister of Education, Prof.. Dr.. Nabi Avci, AK Party MPs Saleh Eskisehir husband and Ulker, Provincial President Suleiman, Reyhan Karaca Mayor Candidate Aaron and joined the party.
Minister of Education, Prof. Speaking at the meeting. Dr.. Nabi Avci, Mayor Candidate Karacan nomination of the best wishes found in the.
Hunter, 'Less talk, more work' düsturuyla way that they continue to express,"on 16 April 2011 still enthusiastic one of our meetings, our first meeting, general election at the first meeting what we say once again recalled. What have we that our first meeting? We hearts we came to do. What did we say? 'These are sac war, are talking estimation of head. question ola agul vaccine, oil and honey to a promise."We talk devotees. Kars song says, 'conversation, though, which, ah, he will not will not.' Nice not called there are things that conversation though that. Harun brother Eskisehir, municipality in the conversation, service, effort is what I hope the work will show. know in Eskisehir A motto we have. Less talk and more work. before me who speaks my friends, provincial chair of the Harun my brother least this principle the most beautiful examples they gave. these principles, the less talk some have given a lot of work portion of the giving will continue. together even more so We will give you hope,"he said.
"eskısehırlı My SISTER is my credentials"
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor AK Party candidate while Harun Khan, Eskisehir, perseverance, courage and sacrifice the important to the future steps to ensure that walking stability of stating that, with the city even better for the future, a bright future prepare, he said.
him this task have been honored Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Says Thank You Karacan,"As you know, yesterday, Mr. Prime Minister by the date a task that my child to were notified. Today Eskişehir as a candidate of you huzurund am. I did this job I'd believers, particularly Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gentleman including all the party leaders would like to thank. Their confidence Eskisehir support of the people as well Then add 30 March 2014, a new moves with the input will. entire life in Eskişehir will change. these martyrs was born in this city, I have read in this city, I tried. was born here, my children in this land was born. my job here, I founded my work and here I am managing. Throughout my life in different locations all Eskisehir honor of having served I lived. 5 years that I continue Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce under the chairmanship embrace everyone I tried to. Everyone needs to respond to the stripped as much as made an effort. During this period, citizens of all without distinction, without any discrimination, no color, without considering everyone in the same way services took. Rings to serve right services with the awareness that always behaved. these my approach Chamber of Commerce respected members know well. Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) in the senior management of Eskisehir and you are the best way to serve had the honor. then the same service and sense of duty with the I hope Eskişehir whole will move. So far met my Eskiþehirli my brothers is my credentials,"he said.
candidate Karacan, Eskişehir current global tissue while preserving the process of urban transformation to keep pace the great importance that transferring this case, in Eskişehir the need to raise the bar in service indicator is noted. Karacan,"For this purpose, more visionary perspective to have importance. Then our projects Eskişehir Eskişehir to the needs of their quest with you, together we will respond,"he said.
"ESKİŞEHİR FOR brick by brick EVERYONE TO THANK ALL OF HIS NECK is the duty of"
anyone offended or resentful that they are not and Eskisehir working for everyone welcomed describing Karacan, he continued:
"So far, Eskisehir, working for Eskisehir For stone on stone laying to thank everyone all of the neck is the duty. anyone offended do not, strife we ​​do not have. Shareholders ideal Eskişehir with everyone being together great'll be happy. Structures area will protect better after going to run.'s our goal Eskisehir brand only regional, not just national but in the world a resounding brand will become a. then slums, at the margins, the township, bent street until there we work is the task. longer time for change has come. Eskisehir, catchall, contemporary and innovative approach deserves. U.S. Fall of Eskisehir world brand a city is to make. Eskişehir's largest wealth of cultural diversity and pluralism is. we our differences as richness who have a better understanding. therefore Eskişehir all the colors surrounding and represents a management approach will have. Mr. Prime Minister in front of us 2023 targets laid. We Eskişehir, Turkey 2023 of the most beautiful, modern city that we should provide."
Karacan, perseverance and determination will work with the emphasis,"a long service journey out of what we know. course of this journey every citizen reached my will. everyone's voice I will listen. Eskiþehirli Hemşehrilerimiz in this process gave me support, since they will stand by me they would have no doubt. then Tired of hand, get unprecedented door, your trips village head caressed did not orphans, he said, have been asked strange group without releasing all the volunteers entering the tenacity and determination in'll be,"he said.
Meeting, Minister of Education, deer hunter and candidate of the party ended with a display of affection.
Stalker Minister, the meeting then went to Ankara by road.

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