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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:48

Karaisalı Free Eye Control

Karaisalı Free Eye Control
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Karaisalı Municipal Eye Hospital for Special Cukurova preliminary examination of the eyes of citizens in cooperation with Karaisalıl done free .

Adana news: Photo Karaisalı Municipality within 10 days 500 people had eye surgery and examination of 200 patients were treated. Special Cukurova Eye Hospital Funda of health professionals Lion, first they do devices with eye screening of patients who were examined regarding other eye diseases, including cataracts with the results stating that they provide referrals to hospitals , \"providing us with this opportunity Karaisalı Mr. Mayor you Felicity thank you to the Lions and municipal employees ,\"he said . Photo is Karaisalı Mayor Felicity did the Lion, the people living in the county in a healthy way and said they were trying to improve the quality of life to continue their lives. Lion, \"and then we brought the municipality to do free eye examination from hopör our people have shown great interest. We would also like to thank the Special Cukurova Eye Hospital Chief Mr. Halil Aksu and employees ,\"he said . The stand was established in Photo Ataturk Park Karaisalı Governor Mehmet Tunç visit he .

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