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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 23 Mayıs 2013, Perşembe 11:40

Karakas, CEO of fagold:a golden opportunity to Izmir Turkish Olympics

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11th International Turkish Olympics sponsor companies in the province hope Fagold'un CEO King, the cultural festival will be held for the first time in Izmir, is a golden opportunity for the city and the country, he said.

Cultural festival from 24-26 May 2013 held in the Culture of

evaluating the King,"Availability is a social responsibility project that will be beneficial to the community of qualified projects or support. This kind of support activities and to congratulate those who have the initiative. We We support social responsibility projects from time to time. Turkish Olympics Culture Festival this year, the project was held in Izmir, we decided to support the province as a sponsor. In this project, we saw the bright lights of the future of Turkey. elimination of poverty and unemployment, prosperity and wealth, a larger seen as a social responsibility to trigger the spread of a base support. Turkey, a country of the foreign trade deficit since more than 300 years. recent years to solve this problem by trying to raise the foreign trade balance. Republic aims to capture the 100th anniversary of the export target of $ 500 billion. For some people, Although this goal is within reach by itself will not happen to get caught, but not a destination. Businessmen catch us as. that work very hard to see and assess the needs and opportunities."she said.

International Turkish Olympics, but also the opportunity for businessmen that the transfer of a King, a great public interest in this event, recalling to ,"The Olympics stand part of the country to be opened in Izmir, 140. He is among the countries most talented and energetic people, and there will be people who speak our language. those countries is what's missing, what there is plenty of opportunity to learn, and the prices will be reached. This is also selling well both which may lead to great opportunities for."said. The Olympics, the people, the government circles, political parties, civil society organizations, the arts and theater community, the media showed great interest in bodies representing the CEO King,"have participated in a big favor by showing himself. Organisational programs broadcasted live by TV channels is the ceiling for ratings. We being in this business at one end or edge, as well as a business opportunity for fagold society in which we live as well as in the bright future of our country, for the first time this year the festival from being held in Izmir province of Culture decided to sponsor. Businessmen difficulties we experience as is at the top of the language. languages ​​of each country have a variety of uses. Agreeing holding the interpreters. Sometimes interpreters between them, understand exactly what is meant. So when some of the interviews remain inconclusive. was held in Izmir, we saw a great opportunity in this organization. similar situation, Immediately after the outbreak of the 2008 crisis, which started in 2009, and today in the jewelry industry, which has become the second largest trade fair Jewex'i lived in worse conditions than supporting. This support continued for three years now, many companies want to sponsor this exhibition. Cultural festival will in the coming years Not looking for a sponsor, the sponsor chooses a location, believe in the future."she said.

Karakas, CEO of fagold:a golden opportunity to Izmir Turkish Olympics" comments for.


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