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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 18:35

Kars Mayor Holds Press Conference

Kars Mayor Holds Press Conference
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Kars Mayor of Murtaza Karaçant , authorities held a press conference .

Kars news: Kars Mayor of Murtaza Karaçant , authorities held a press conference .
President Karaçant A , a press conference in the water and the fish deaths on the descriptions found .
Karaçant Kars in 20 hours of continuous quenching they started , Bayburt Dam water coming from the parallel to the Çerme line also activates what and Kars to 24 hours a day, give water , he said.
years, water shortages Kars henceforth water shortage yaşamayacaklarını representing President Murtaza Karaçant , \"the month of Ramadan, from the beginning for 24 hours juices flowing. however , but some different described. Nah, water does not flow . N , there still certain times of day in the flowing. No, sir, after Eid water again they're going to cut . Ramadan month to mark the temporary water is given. I am now as mayor I'm telling you . water for 24 hours will continue. feast after this and that. And God I will continue to do so with the permission . because we hamlet from the day we receive 15 thousand cubic meters of water from one place until now, but could get a thousand or two thousand cubic meters of water . For many years, that there is this shortage diligent work of our teams have done in a short time . And water for 24 hours to meet the needs of Kars water brought into the city . We are pleased at this , \"he said .
To Karaçant ; \"experienced in Kars River fish deaths, actually has nothing to do remotely closely with the municipality . Our attention should be out of our situation. Kars Governor's Office and we know that the work of the Environmental Department . But we could not stay local governments such thing as a spectator . Produkte stay ! I got the news that day that the fish deaths . In our research we have conducted on fish kills , dead fish and fishing history of Gregorian our trades , we've already identified the location of the Kars River pouring into them have made ​​the wrong move . We've detected fishermen, place of residence given certain . Everything is clear. As I've said, is not our business . Despite this, our team went to police . Related fishermen were found . Discuss , told them that what they are doing is wrong . Where it flows into the fish was determined . However, in terms of cleanliness of the city , we've interventions that work . Want you to know I have something dear friends , these fish death with water, air is not relevant , \"he said .
Kars Municipality Municipality Presidency The studies also telling the President Karaçant , the city's developed and for the development work day and night they noted. < Br/>

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