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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:56

Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçant Problems listening

Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçant Problems listening
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Kars Mayor Karaçant Murtaza , the neighborhood continues its visit.

Kars news: During the visit, the President listened to the problems of the local people's Karaçanta stop this time , Halitpaşa was the neighborhood. Photo Murtaza Karaçant the Mayor continues to visit the neighborhood with the accompanying unit managers . The neighborhood was pointed out the President Karaçanta children's interest in the visit. Photo Go where the Mayor finds the opportunity to talk to people face to face in the neighborhood Murtaza Karaçant , the neighborhood listening to problems and difficulties of the residents . Photo is an all citizens since it was selected and directly with citizens the views President Karaçant to , give instructions to their respective unit heads in detection and resolution of problems to which the residents solve the problems and difficulties experienced by the message. Photo Halitpaşa neighborhood visit President Karaçant , the neighborhood headman of the neighborhood along with Ismail Forms toured . Mukhtar Forms of the information about the problems of the neighborhood Karaçant , sakinleriyle met in the neighborhood . Listening to Forms headman the problems of the neighborhood and Karaçant the construction season, said they will work in solving the problem of Halitpaşa Quarter of 2015 .
President Murtaza Karaçant said, \"For years, looking neighborhood and neglected our streets. In this respect the Thus rightly residents request and demands . We have taken necessary note. We listened to the headman's problems Halitpaşa neighborhood. Hopefully we will start the necessary work of our neighborhood to Halitpaşa season construction next year. and we will solve the problems of the residents , \"he said . neighborhood sees in
the other hand, President Murtaza Karaçanta neighborhood residents, President Karaçanta were found to show affection . Karaçanta't to side with residents from the neighborhood chatter of children also did not forget . Children who Karaçant to chocolates , also posed for a souvenir photo with the children .
Karaçant President Murtaza , and later toured the neighborhood with Halitpaşa District Headman Ismail saw the problems on Forms . Information from the relevant unit manager about the problem areas Karaçant to , as soon as he gave instructions for the problem to be solved .
President Karaçanta Expressing his satisfaction to see their neighborhoods Halitpaşa District Headman Ismail Forms of listening to the problems came to the neighborhood, the mayor said that made ​​them very happy . < br/> Mukhtar Forms , \"Thanks, you're coming up to our chairman neighborhood listened to us of the problem. There are problems in our neighborhood for a long time . But we had no way to cover a short distance past the solution point of this problem. I hope solves our problems , our president . we trust him. And we support . he re-quarters of our Thank you for visiting , \"he said .
a while remaining in more neighborhoods President Murtaza Karaçant and retinue, neighborhoods were divided from Halitpaşa neighborhood after completing the visit. President Photo Kars Municipality Murtaza Karaçanta to continue uninterrupted the neighborhood visit to were recorded.


Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçant Problems listening" comments for.


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