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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:49

Kars noodles sorted string

Kars noodles sorted string
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Kars'lılar, the last days of summer before last spring and winter living.

Kars, which is indispensable for the long winter months

noodles for dinner tables were bathed in arms. Women began to come together and noodles.

noodles lined street between the ropes, and students new to the city attracted the attention of the officer. Winter food that has become synonymous with the region about the goose and the noodles were dried roses Bakırcıoğlu, with a tradition dating from the Ottoman period before winter came together with their neighbors and work collectively to make noodles noodles prepared every house usulüyle said. The transfer is made with the aid of a food noodle Bakırcıoğlu,"Babaannelerimizin, grandmothers machine manually prepare the noodles by hand with the help of technology, we are having now. It a little difficult to make a single lady. Neighbors come together to do together."she said.

Bakırcıoğlu, said they observed weather conditions for noodle production process pre-construction explained:"H amuru yoğuruyoruz first obtain salt water until the consistency. then wrap the cloth around in nylons spreading turning creaming our feet. Legende evening then put into blunt. early in the morning, get up at 6 o'clock sector, such as preparing. course, where aid is important, opens up a friend with a roller, and then opens oklavalarla attracted to the machine. captured the ropes ranging from noodles to take other friends. This operations are expected to dry on the rope after rope eriştemiz baked collected is being prepared for dinner tables."

10 pounds noodle 3-5 is a family of people throughout the winter transfer Bakırcıoğlu've had enough,"Of course, our region This unique flavor noodles outside the province and outside the country and look forward to us being sent to the waiting relatives."she said.

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