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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:20

Kartal Municipality Pioneers in Health Care

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Kartal Municipality, citizens within the framework of social municipality continues to provide quality healthcare services.

Kartal Municipality, citizens within the framework of social municipality continues to provide quality healthcare services.
Eagle Mayor Op. Dr.. Self Altınok, many years after surgery and a consultant has done during his tenure as mayor five years gave great importance to health services. President of Abstract eagle to implement the priority health services to all kinds of analysis and examination containing the free clinic services, free ambulance services, home nursing services,"Year Length Free Circumcision Project"for children and their dental health center, the project is located. FREE CLINIC in
connected to Kartal Municipality Directorate of Health Affairs in the outpatient clinic, the eagle is given to citizens free inspection service. Medical examination after fasting blood glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL-ARM, LDL-ARM, UREA, SGOT, SGPT, ASO, CRP, RF, CBC, Sedimentation, urine, HBsAg, HCV, HIV ½, syphilis and blood as Kartal Municipality Directorate of Health Affairs in several assay is done in the clinic. In addition to all citizens that come with a doctor's prescription injection, ECG, dressing, sewing, never mind the oxygen and inhalers TA measurement applications, such as nursing services are free of charge. Hand-arm X-ray, sinus radiography, chest radiography, foot radiographs, knee x-ray measurements such as services provided in the Health Clinic Our athletes work and for entrance health certificate is held.
Eagle citizens residing in the City of Eagle 586 99 99 'ALO AMBULANCE' call the ambulance service can be requested.
Eagle Mayor Op. Dr.. Self Altınok launched 2 years ago,"Home Nursing Services"chronically bedridden patients residing in the Eagle and patients over the age of 65 at home, serum, injections, dressing, bleeding and wound care services are free of charge. City of Eagle, Home Nursing Services tool and two nurses who wish to obtain the services provided, citizens, 0216 586 87 00 phone call will suffice.
Eagle Mayor Op. Dr.. Altınok Self's"most important project"and that the initiated 5 years ago the 'Year Length Free Sunnah Project' Kartal children and their families healthy Sunnah with the understanding introduce, as well as mass circumcision practices continue, many municipalities to be exemplary in terms of great importance. President Altınok Self,"The vast majority of Muslims in our country that a government circumcision should be the policy. Healthy conducted in conditions circumcision in children, hepatitis B, and so many infectious diseases increase the risk as later life would negatively affect trauma leads to. Circumcision is a very important surgical operation and healthy conditions in the hospital setting needs to be done,"he families warning and the City of Eagle 'Year Length Free Circumcision' campaign to exploit invites.
City of Eagle 'Year Length Free Circumcision Project, the economic situation of families, regardless of all age groups eagle of children, everyday of the year, negotiated health institutions they want at a time by appointment, in hygienic conditions, surgical technique, and by specialist doctors, family wishes and the physician with the approval under anesthesia free circumcision done is provided. Circumcision in children with clothes while giving free circumcision, circumcision for 1 week after the treatment is done for free.
will open in Eagle Children Oral and Dental Health Clinic, which all elementary school students will be monitored and treatment of oral and dental health to be done. 7-12 age range of children which will serve as the center inside the clinic, two x-ray rooms, treatment and observation room, sterilization department, children's playground, toilets, waiting rooms, doctor's rest and dressing area, a cafeteria, administration area, conference room, accounting and advisory units will take place. Construction work completed medical supplies and equipment needed for the center in 2013, met in 2014, is expected to be presented to the service of the citizens of the eagle.

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