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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:08

Kartepe Bayramlaşma Second Day

Kartepe Bayramlaşma Second Day
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Kartepe municipality to pass a peaceful and comfortable of Eid al-Adha feast before it has completed the preparations .

Kocaeli news: Kartepeli feast throughout the wishes and problems , the 24-hour working Municipal Police Department's 444 33 73, 373 60 60 and 316 68 60 The phone can apply to things .
President Üzülmez, holy to all Kartepeli invited . Kartepe the second day of Eid with the city Bayramlaşma on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 at 11:00 am will be held at the Cultural Center Uzunciftlik . Will be held in the holy town of catering to a variety of people are expected to show strong interest . Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, the Feast of Sacrifice in the county throughout the feast of the sacrifice of the peaceful and relaxed to pass a series of measures said they had received .
Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, municipalities within the assigned some units feast for the duration of the task at the beginning of that record, \"Unity and solidarity , brotherhood and our friendship reinforce solidarity and sharing feelings at the highest level that Eid-ul-our people in the best way be to spend all necessary measures to have gotten our . All of our people blessed Eid-ul-best wishes , celebrating health, happiness and peace I wish, \"he said.
Victims Feast of sacrifice warning to the people of Kartepe will not upset the President , so as to not pollute the victim asked to take the necessary measures to cut . President Üzülmez, \"Victims will cut our people sacrificed necessary precision during the show that I believe . Islamic religious obligations in accordance with the sacrifice that our people around the more sensitive behavior will exhibit . County our befitting a feast to spend our public environmental and visual pollution to allow avoid any action I think ,\"he said . < br/> the district police directorate , the health directorate and supervised by a team of veterinarians and found to comply with hygiene rules in place at the private sector was allowed to be cut . Kartepeli will cut their own facilities where appropriate and entrails of the victims of this opportunity as they can not bury their entrails of citizens in the Directorate of Science Affairs coordinated team will gather during the holiday . To prevent environmental pollution in the name of the first day of the feast of the collection process between 12.00 and 20.00 hours on other days of the to be done. 8 trucks and eight buckets by a total of 40 staff across the county they will collect offal Izaydas by submitting environmental pollution will not let you .
Kartepe Municipal Police Department , the feast during the county-wide law enforcement points to do the task will continue. Eve in the county Suadiye, Maşukiye , Esme , Ertugrul Gazi neighborhood markets will be set up in the neighborhood and Köseköy . Kartepeli be able to do their holiday shopping in trust law enforcement teams in place for the market to be found in the audit . Kartepe Municipal Police Teams, of sacrificial fleeing the phone number 373 60 60 asked to be notified . Feast of the Sacrifice , which is one of the major problems experienced in order to arrest the fleeing sacrificial victims Kartepe Municipality was also created to capture the team . The first two days of the feast will be served three staff who will work in teams .

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