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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:58

Kaskisp President Omar rain:

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Kayseri Kaskisp Club President Omar rain ,''as Kaskisp have left behind a very successful season .

Kayseri Kaskisp Club President Omar rain ,''as Kaskisp have left behind a very successful season . We achieve all the goals that we put too was very pleased . Beginning of the season , the lowest in the last three years with a budget of departure in the history of our club, even though we had the most successful season . Even if we look at the budget achievement indices Turkey Women's Basketball League ( TKBL ) and is one of Europe's most successful team , we're not wrong ,''he said . Rain
in his statement , the past season has made an assessment . Rain,''Of course, as a club we received the degree of success criteria is not just . Turkish women's basketball are very proud of our contribution we . Devşirmesiz almost all season and lower the age of 91 and in the star-born young , Hope and National candidates have taken place in the positions that we have spent a total of five athletes by fighting with other development is gratifying . On this topic in an informative if we do , Aysegul Gunay born in 1992, 25 minutes , Pat Goodman was born in 1991 26 minutes , Esra Ural born in 1991, 15 minutes , John Takmaz born in 1991 23 minutes and Sinem Attachment born in 1995, 11 minutes took . We think TKBL be effective in the play , the match results directly affecting the average age of the lowest team that we KASKİ team's transfer policy in how successful and the other teams in models will be a structure Scroll is an indication . The most important issue here is the full 7 season beginning and these young players in our team who organized personally planning Ayhan Our head coach Hunter, team and provide support to the formation of our city Kayseri are valued executives . Kayseri KASKİ last three seasons in Europe to play two finals and a semi-final of course flattering, but our main goal ; we made a rational and long-term transfer policies to fruition in the next two seasons is to take ,''he said .
Rain,''Dear team from our GS and FB also to us two Turkish team's final possession took great pride because here again would like to congratulate . Our team in the European arena, our two countries have been very proud . Kaskisp as we do, we are aware of how important our work . However, he did not explain in the press is full of our friends are not the sourness does not live . Because the first time we participated in an organization the last eight teams to be among a very challenging from a group of European giants beat them all to the this Ekaterinburg team including the also TKBL and Roger's successful line , our calibrated us for a team is a significant achievement , we think . Therefore, in the press to get more involved we need to believe that ,''he said .
In his statement,''As of today, our club 2014-15 or even 2015-16 season foreign athletes transfer has completed ,''said the rain, he continued:
''Maybe when we can do it within 1-2 supplements . Moreover, the Turkish young players 2-3 season've extended our contracts . Finally, a Turkish player supplement with high quality and experienced staff will shape our . Our goal as a club obviously ; TKBL always in the top 3 places in the area , the obvious success in the European Cup , winning the Turkish women's basketball players and European audiences who holds the record with 11,000 spectators , this structure is no longer to move higher . So TKBL championship and two final four in the next two seasons and a Euroleague Championship live .
Course such a success probability of survival even in the Anatolian clubs we are thrilled . Kayseri as Kaskisp ; For success in all the necessary administrative and technical meanings given start making moves as of today we are. Our trainer Ayhan primarily of hunters , this planning team and with our young players more in line with the second season of the most positive indicator is that our contract extension . Next season as the city, hall, fans , management and team with a much more enjoyable and successful Kaskisp the izlettirmeyi future promise already camiamıza can give.
Us support ever lent Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mehmet Özhaseki'ye , KASKİ General Manager Mr. Ender Batuan'a Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Assembly members , KASKİ management to the Board , Kayseri Kaskisp the board endless Thank you .
Club on the basis of so many excellent achievements captured Turkish women of our basketball in our country will be held at the World Championships degrees to achieve is our greatest desire . Kayseri them as Kaskisp dilemekt success are endless .''

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