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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:27

Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Morning ;

Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Morning ;
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Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Morning, city of saints said they would introduce to the world .

Kastamonu news: Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Morning, city of saints said they would introduce to the world .
Hz . Pir Sheikh Shaban new parents by Cultural Foundation Seven Beyza Garden The evening program, speaking at the Kastamonu Governor Şehmus Morning, Kastamonu faith tourism shortcomings eliminating the saints worthy of the city into the future , he said.
Kastamonu city of saints distinction of being promoted adequately could not the Governor pointed out Şehmus Morning, \"Kastamonu our city, saints , martyrs city. this in mind we feature Turkey sufficiently introduce Did he asked, when we , unfortunately, in this regard answer is yes if we get quite difficult. Shaykh Shabani Velin our province not important for us is a privilege and is luck. this housing as an association activities started in recent years as the foundation continued significant progress has taken . this issue yesterday, better than are in a situation , but our much more quickly taking the lead in Kastamonu our city of saints only our country but introduce to the world we need , \"he said . < br/>
many countries of the world for Hadrat Sheikh Shaban Veli explaining that visitors came to Kastamonu Governor Morning, \"We as an economic agenda for this event and our province more faith in this sense economically to receive a share of tourism activities that we need to do in all of us know it very well . Shabani Wali Sheikh street rehabilitation work in the region have received a very large distance from the establishment of our projects was approved. Money goes as we hope in a short time shortage street rehabilitation're starting to work . Other than that, that there are significant shortcomings in this area of ​​Kastamonu, we know very well . These resources issues, but I believe we are hand in hand if we shortage of resources also surpassing our province saints worthy way everyone where you can visit , stay distress will , restaurants to go to while eating a very nice environment will find a situation reveals want . For this, both the places we need qualified staff . Recently we have received from obviously we are not satisfy then much better in Kastamonu bringing religious tourism at the point of Kastamonu worthy of our where we will bring , \"he said .
Associations come to today who contributed to thank everyone Hz . Pir Sheikh Parents Shabani Cultural Foundation Chairman Muharrem Hunter , the \"1954 started off as a small association we achieved foundation status in 1996 . Service to the Hazrat Pir love our gratitude . Our Foundation has now completed the formation phase has entered a phase of institutionalization , \"he said .

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