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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:40

Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party Southwind Yasar:

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Yasar Southwind Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party , said it would be the Kurdistan region of Kopani .

Kayseri news: Photo Yasar Southwind Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party , evaluated Kobani'de happened . Southwind , \"is not something that is between Turkey and Iraq and Syria. This total is relevant imperialist project with the shaping of the Middle East. We have been organized by the Assad terrorist organization called Isidor , edited the doors of the prison opened no matter how much you have terrorists in prisons, their giving hands on weapons in Iraq'consists of if you have emptied the imperialist countries how sadistic and drug addict in the taki prisons these terrorists from around the world by which they all gathered there to torment he had done to Muslims Kopani as they occur. especially living in that area and had the PKK's extension of the parties. it was all the Arabs in the region and Turks, so if you have those who are not since them they provide to there immigration. so he wanted to become a region where the region yalnızlaştırarak only his own supporters. Turkey did not allow that. we have peshmerga and Free Syria with the support of the army there is to be achieved dominance , but we Isidor and will damage the territorial integrity of that region are considered as terrorist organizations. We have already coalition forces continue to bomb , \"he said .
Kobani'yi said Deputy Southwind Kurdistan region would be ,\"He will never be in the Kurdistan region . That region will continue as before there where they live and whoever lives . One of the new beginning between Syria and Turkey to establish a Kurdistan region Turkey is never satisfied. We will never allow such a study to do so . We have made ​​the process continues to that extent , \"he said.
Abdullah Ocalan will remain free Southwind evaluating the claims , \"This kind of rhetoric is always coming and it is exploited in opposition . Sentenced to imprisonment for life and we are talking about a prisoner suffering the punishment. Such a thing is not currently in question. Is it in the next period ? Currently, it is not such a thing on the agenda. Abdullah Ocalan is serving a life convicted criminals and punishment. Negotiations continue in the national project. If you completely withdraw from the area leaving the PKK weapons , peace comes to Turkey. If the thought of such a cell in subsequent periods, if the state is also discussed. No hidden something hidden from the nation, \"he said.

Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party Southwind Yasar:" comments for.


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