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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:54

Kayseri Hospital Dietitian private Tekdi Emotions Sea:

Kayseri Hospital Dietitian private Tekdi Emotions Sea:
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Kayseri Hospital Dietitian private Tekdi Emotions Sea, the choice of food and the amount of calories consumed by small changes in the way may be reduced , he said.

Kayseri news:
each food calorie intake and blood mixing time different from each other , indicating that the Kayseri private Tekdi Hospital Dietitian Emotions sea , food choice and consumption in the form of changes , caloric intake can be reduced , he said. Food into the blood ratios'glycemic index'defined as the Dietitians feelings Sea, foods glycemic index is high , as well as portion control is not carried weight gain trigger , he noted .
Dietitians feelings Sea, low glycemic index foods that are associated with said ; \"Milk based yogurt and kefir , rice and pasta instead of wheat, and whole wheat pasta , snacks instead of chickpeas with oil and salt without detonated corn , dry and juicy watermelon and grape fruit instead of nuts should be preferred . These low glycemic index foods that are and portion control is made slimming helps . this , as well as cooked when the carrots and peas glycemic index will rise. for this reason, raw or undercooked to consumption is useful. \"
of food processing form the glycemic index will rise also indicate Dietitians feelings Sea, fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be consumed in its raw state as much as possible of the group voiced . Dietician feelings Sea, \"any vegetables less cook glycemic index not increase , for example, rice and soup making extra processing to keep the glycemic index increases . Same thing fruits applies to . Fruits alone instead of eating fruit juice or marmalade making glycemic index increases . Therefore, fruits, vegetables and grains are not cooked too much of the group and the process needs to go through , \"he said.

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